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Is bob captured the folks and mario hernandez it'll be building their nets people of the internet. The episode we will be talking with linda watkins. Currently linda is senior director of marketing. At gatsby a modern website framework that creates blazing fast secure instantly scalable websites She saw sought after for her marketing expertise and frequently consults with larger brands. Worldwide first and foremost user practitioner that enjoy sharing knowledge and experience by engaging with marketers and technologists. She lives in san francisco in the bay area. Or in san francisco itself in the bay area to south san francisco. Yeah i grew up in san francisco. That's why i love going there anyway. It a free time. She plays flute with the bay area rainbow symphony and enjoys netflix documentaries. Welcome to the show they kill. Thanks for having me our things. In the bay area they are beautiful and sunny and the rest of the country is cold. So i'm happy to be here. It's even. I'm wearing sweater in new mexico's well. So oh wow yeah. Definitely one of those one of those cold. Snap days so to start off. The sodas we always do our guest who are project pick. So what is your project for us. Yes gase preview and that definitely plays into the market is care about Gatsby preview is a way for cutting creators marketers. Anybody working on the website to view the changes that they make two pages on their site before it goes live. So it's really great because you'll be able to see all of the content changes in context And that gives you and your marketing team confidence before you actually publish page You can even see how the new header and of looks on the page layout if you move a An image around. Or if you rearrange text on all of that updated live on this real time preview so it's very useful for these content creators as you're getting page is updated or launching a new website. We've we've seen previews of that. Previous of the preview at as people in the know may know or may not know me. It occurred dot. Com is on gatsby itself with drew pool in the back end..

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