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The kitchen sisters present this produced by the kitchen sisters with Nathan Dalton and brandy help mixed by Jim Nikki for more about stub Stubblefield and Oliver hidden kitchens, Texas stories and beyond visit kitchen, sisters dot org. You can also find out about her workshops and special events. And of course, our electric fingers t-shirt at kitchen sisters that were. On vein. A while. The kitchen sisters present is part of radio Tokyo from P R X. A curated network of extraordinary cutting edge podcasts created by independent producers. I want to the world. If you haven't heard it yet, the makers of criminal one of our very favorite shows have a second podcast. It's called this is love, and it was one of the most downloaded new shows of twenty eighteen honestly, the stories in this show will just make you feel amazing about the world they've launched their third season, and it takes place entirely in Italy. The first episode is about a tiny mountain town where since eighteen ninety seven people have come together to join something called the ugly club. We tell me what the criteria for being in the ugly club is what is the test. We have a card where there are different marks. It started with undefined and sufficient, medium, good, great and extraordinary. And of course, we talk about ugliness not beauty nece. So. If you are extrordinary admits that you are exerting every ugly. Would you give me the test course, of course, of course, if you want we can do it right now. Yes. And don't hold back. I mean, I would like to like a real critique here. Okay. And now we have to judge co listen to the whole story by searching for this is love. Radio.

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