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It still dry in south america. It's not actually the last last week We saw some showers across argentina and the southern parts of brazil gonna continue with another couple of systems in the next week You know central brazil areas have the distinct wet and dry season and that typically starts at the end of september. Now the line nino pattern we've had you typically means a later start to bet what season across the higher production states of central brazil But model they're actually thinking. It might come right on time this year. So that's That would be something very unusual. Something we'll watch and But it's possible that They may lock out this year where they did last year last year Wet season started about three or four weeks late and if bottles are right then They'll come on time this year. We just had hurricane ida. It's and seems like this has become a very active storm season. Yeah the in the tropics that has been so we've already gone through. I Here across the united states. We had j k and l a after that as well so we got larry cooking up in the in the central atlantic. Good thing is that it won't be hitting any land at least here in north america. So that's good news but we do still have another couple of features. We're watching here. You know we're right at the the pico hurricane season in the atlantic right now so the next couple of weeks here. We're going to be continuing to watch some disturbances move off of off of africa. Move up through the gulf of mexico and see whether or not we can develop them systems. This year's been pretty good. We've had some really good Temperatures across the golf mexico across the western atlantic really fuel those storms so whatever we can get them up and running they they. They tend to take off our i john again. It was good to see you last week at farm progress. Thanks for joining us right. Thanks mike thanks for having you bet take care. Dt n. meteorologist. john brenick. We'll up next. We're going to get the latest numbers from the produce. Cme group egg economy barometer. Purdue aggie economists michael lang meyer. Join us as we see. The headline egg producers sentiment improved slightly in august compared to july. We'll see how much of an improvement and kind of break the numbers down.

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