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Might be long. Hey so tight that but it's fucking shirt. Couldn't office billion dc heavyweight. This guy's big fucking w z. Call anybody listening. He's listen he's just talking bad english. Sure the volume on here. Now i guess yeah like we had cody garbrandt on sugar. Sean called him out. And i was making him as a sugar. Sean called like bullshitting cody. Sugars athletic yeah. I really do. It's not happening because cody's fighting it's good. I do korea. Small man yeah well. He walked into the cage. One hundred forty two pounds. Yep is jimmy waiting. One thirty six walking forty two. I four twenty five and walked in one fifty to like. Yeah i think they confirmed in france. I think in a tough fight it. That's what i do that. That was my whole point. Like dude fight sugar again. Tough by everybody knows sugar. Fred lot more than a lot more than we had do. Yeah but everybody knows sugar well. Is that a kid. Has he called anybody out. Nothing zuma france him and francis. Daddy shit anything. Casey snaking this team the whole the whole time right shit. I'll tell you give gone. Fritz in his heyday would be. Yeah not out to fucking couchville on dilawar. He's obama couch. I think so. I hate up. I hit up december haibo. What's going on with your suits bro. I can't wear a tiny more. Hate my next to get words. Chick-fil-a under my shirts fucking damian hard. So great i think right now. Eight months training forty four years forty three years four months forty two as much. He'd be stylus nightmare him steep as entering. Though as you're saying that's a great nagy see be exactly what he wants. He can fight for the title necks. He wants to that. Make you the interim champion. You're guaranteed next until francis for john jones. I think he really wants that. John jones fight because that fight will make him more money than he's made all of his other fights st john's offense. Yeah and he's had it right there friends. Let's the other the friends. Dc i said on for francis to be the fiery shape choice. Although francis with that contract francophone stick together. If you're the interim champion you fight the champion. There's no choice like there was another. Can't remember whether you wanted champ. Champion of defend their title a couple of times. You can defend your champions your feet championship. No i face really shaping another fight news. There was another way costs hammer. Who was but they had. We had the interim yeah it was cheap chips the fucking job though right. I mean honest like you have to fight the champion. True until everyone's been never comes back. What happens like fucking touch well. Then you're the champion correct. You're not the international war. I get what you're saying. But like inner shaping your kind of like it's like saying like the league champion have some value to it. Now they do feel overtime. It lost its value of depress. The so know common like album. I'll pay for it. Yeah is that i kids. That's it daddy. You wanna thank you. Thank you home. The fort down. I've always wanted to say chained to pull that up for me please. In that i never wanted to be that guy up chin.

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