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Your nest egg. Like so many did in 2000 and eight. Many people want safety and guarantee of principle, but also prefer the potential of higher growth with the market. Now you can have both. Contact Andrew Night up proudly serving Ireland, Kel Community 87759052487759005 to 4. Your retirement untangled continues Consumer have a good day. Perkins with mope, Aram mope Aram of Asset Management Group and Cloud vest, Ear's two great companies, fiduciary companies firms. They're endorsed nationally by Dave Ramsey and they know they know finances and they know retirement and they know all the components in the right strategy is to build a successful long term retirement plan in a fiduciary Free manner 87759005 to 4 for mo and Andrew on the team. All right, well, we're gonna have to table conversation on taxes. Here We go Tax way They don't go away. That's expand the text man. You know he's coming. He's coming. Bring him in on the show again, and, you know, taxes don't go away and retirement and without a good plan, they can wreak havoc on your retirement planning. It's unfortunate that they don't go away. But they don't and even on social Security. How does that work? Yeah, our favorite Uncle Sam is always with us right here who is with us, and he's with us doing retirement. So it's crazy, right? So we've been paying into the Social Security program for decades, right when we're retired, and some of us aren't aware that you may be paying taxes on the benefits. Once you retire, and so it's it's instance saying, right, I've been paying a Social Security tax. But then now, bye benefits is going to be taxed. It's just sounds crazy, right? But this unfortunately, this situations where he can be So it can't be taxed. Are they both the state and federal level? Fortunately, not that many states do it. The right. Yeah, there's about 13 states right now that off that actually taxes, so security benefits, You know, states like Colorado, Connecticut, North Dakota, Utah. There's 13 States that actually do that show If you want thing about retiring when you think of retiring is think about where you live, right, Williams. So security be attacks in the state that you live, And maybe it's a reason to move somewhere else, Right? But you can't escape federal taxes. You can't avoid the federal You can't escape the federal taxes case so So security benefits. Can be taxed depending on what's called provisional income, which is essentially your adjusted gross income, so provisional income can be anything from distributions from 41 case. Earned income. It can be rental income. It's basically provisional income income that comes in which is basically adjusted gross income, but get this safe. It also includes Half of your so security benefits. Wow. What a total. There's there, including half there, Including half of what? They're taxing, innit? Yes, yes. Oh, So let's say that you get a benefit of $2000, right? So They start calculating so $2000.24,000 years, so they're starting off with 12 Grand wide. And then there's the calculated starts, so they know you're getting 12 24,000 from so security, So the calculation calculator starts at 12,000. Then you're getting a pension distribution. We're getting rental income. You're taking some from some money from your 41 K and they start calculating and they're doing the gross number on it is opposed to what? You know what not minus what's taxed right during the gross number. And then if your individual basically if you're not married and that provisional income that calculation goes over 25 $25,000, or if you're married, and it goes over $32,000 and guess what? 85% of your so security benefits will be taxed. Wow. S so how do you get around? That has got to be some strategies. Toe lesson that at least there's some strategy. Celeste of that. You know, one strategy is is in how you're saving. Right s O. Britt. When I mentioned distributions from your retirement accounts, it's distributions from pretext account. So like your traditional IRA for three B for one K But not Roth. Distributions from Roth are not are not taxable, so that's a way to to kind of limited. Right is if if you if you did some planning ahead of time, okay? And he had some funds that were that were tax differently from 41 case to Roth, a couch. When that when it comes time to turn in these assets into income, you can have a strategic plan of making some distributions from Roth, making some distributions from traditional and that way you can balance out the taxes. And speaking of Roth and being proactive in your strategy, because it's some point all those retirement funds that were tax deferred. The tax man is going to come with his hand out. He's coming with his hand out on drink about social security right there. They're the ones who are kind of the check. So you better be be aware that you know you want to make sure that you're settling all of all of your taxes when it comes Tonto, uh, your tax bill during retirement, so Yeah, And sometimes you can't avoid it right. Sometimes you just can't afford because these aren't large numbers or what I say for a married couple filing jointly $32,000, and they're starting with half of your benefits, so you may not be able to avoid it may not. You may not, but just be aware it's about being aware understanding that 85% of your benefit. Could be text if you if you don't do much planning ahead of time, and that's on social Security, But then you you're gonna have income taxes on your retirement fund with rolls. Right? So that was just Social Security. Now, when we're talking about withdraws from your four from your tax deferred to cabs like your 401 K or IRA. You didn't pay the taxes on the contributions. Right? So that's one of the beauties behind the 41 case. Contributions are on a pretax basis. You don't pay any taxes on the growth, right? So it's tax deferred. So at the time, girls good at the time, right? So you don't pay any taxes on it, however, who doesn't like that our favorite uncle, right? So our favorite uncle was going to say. All right, Well, now you're making withdrawals. We have to pay taxes. And on and Ur text at at your It's tax at your highest tension. It's earned its earn income at that point. What is tax just like earned income right? So, so that's a way that some people aren't aware of it. There aren't aware of the taxes that can be Uh, assess to them when they're making these distributions from their retirement accounts. And so if you if you aren't aware of it, or if you're not budgeting the income taxes that can be part of your that can be part of your plan. You better budget for those taxes because those distributions will be Again, those distributions from pre tax account will be taxed. So what should you figure then on that if you're taking looking at the net they after tax what about 78? 80%? I mean, what do you think? I mean, It's definitely a percentage of that. You've got to look at it. It's not 100%. You can look at his guaranteed income. Oh, okay. You see what I'm saying? You got a budget based on I don't know what whatever the tax rate would be on it basically tax rate. Right? So it's your distributions, Plus responses. Distributions, plus four one k. Plus, I'm sorry. Your distributions put your spouse's distributions..

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