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Told you. A report by CBS layers outlines more allegations of sexual misconduct by longtime chief less movies. This unbelievably report alleges that Mooney's destroyed evidence misled investigators as he attempted to protect his reputation and severance payments. It says investigators had received multiple reports about a network employee who was on call at Mr. moonbeams behest, and this employee is only job was to perform oral sex for less money. That's the job. Yeah. This box Lee. Come into my office. Please how he ran a little it might not have been. Yeah. It might not have been the only job. But but that employee was on call to that was part of the duty a number of employees were aware of this and believed that the woman was protected from discipline or termination as a result of it. Wow. Movies admitted receiving world sex from the woman his subordinate in his office. But he described it as consensual. It said the woman did not respond to the investigators requests were an interview. So so guests investigators wanted to talk to her about it. And she said, I'm not talking and isn't less his wife. Julie Chen now going by Julie Chen, moon vs. She's doubled downs doubled down even after stuff like this comes. Wow. So this is all see what happens after this. This is all in this is all of interest because less, of course, he's out of the SE CBS's out on the board of directors. But he's he's fighting for his one hundred twenty eight million dollars severance patent. He needs that to live, which they may now be may may may may now deny him that I think they're on solid ground doing. There's probably a other. There are probably other problems that are going to arise from this CPS. I would think the. So so Utahns will soon start seeing a little gold star on their driver's licenses which means that you've all done a great job with the state Senate and house of representatives voting Monday to repeal the state law in conflict with federal rules for identification cards, the repeal Bill sponsored by Senator Wayne Harper of Taylorsville was considered by lawmakers during the special legislative session that also included debate on the medical marijuana legislation and construction funding for a new state prison now Harper Senator Harper said states have until October twenty twenty to fully comply with the department of homeland security rules if Utah's driver licenses continued to be out of compliance at that point he said it could result in residents being barred from entering federal facilities or going through airport security without federally issued identification like a passport and because noncompliant licenses will. I need to be reissued each month of delay in making the change. Good result in a roughly eighty thousand dollar cost to the state, if we do it now versus in the twenty nine thousand nine general session, we save the state about a half million bucks. Well, then do it. But in the house of representatives can ivory argued for giving state residents. The ability to opt out of the federally compliant licenses people should have power over how their information is shared with the US government. Shut up. Ken Bill is Bill amendment would have allowed residents to stick with the licenses. They have now which is fine. What find with letting people opt out fine? Don't go to the airport and fly anywhere less people at the airport fine opt out what that does is allows for an option to the citizens of the state of Utah may want to preserve their privacy said ivory does it say in there. So I just got a new license this year, and they're every four years. So at some point I'll have to get a new license to get one with star as well. By twenty twenty in two years. Yeah. Does it say, I mean, will they automatically send you request it? I think what. Well, should I? Would you like me to answer? I think what's going to happen. And why it's going to be costing money is the state is going to have to send you one. Whether you ask for one or not because it's their problem. They're not your problem. It's their problem. And I got mine in September. It did not have the start. And you check yours. No. It does. Not. No. It doesn't happen. Nobody has one yet. So from presumably whenever this law that they passed it yesterday. See the Bill will take affect in February. So in February licenses will start having the star and Ken ivories federal government secrets full of God. I'm he is. Anyway, he's full of a lot of stuff. Yes. Yep. No star jelly beans. Mostly. I lied about my weight. No, no one ever does that. No or their height. Now. I put my right height. Why did you put so many more pounds on there? Let's see the, you know, the worst the least safe city in America. What do you think the least safe city least safe city in America of major US? Yeah. Problem Richie thinks it's Provo. No, Chicago or Detroit. Now, it's not all about crime. It's not Chicago actually, Chicago crime rates went down recently. Now, it's not all about crime. Although crime is a big factor. But the least safe city in America is Saint Louis. Wallet hub as released its list of safest, cities and least safe cities. Well, the safest cities in America and Saint Louis was dead last. They factor in a lot of things Saint Louis has been ranked America's most dangerous city, but the ranking also looked into the account to account the risks of natural disasters things like the probability of earthquakes flooding don't hail hurricanes tornadoes. The report also included financial safety with a focus on the unemployment rate job security debt to income ratio and crime overall, Saint Louis was ranked the least safe city in America. It had the most traffic fatalities per capita. It was tied for having the most assaults per capita with Kansas City, Little Rock Memphis in Detroit. And Saint Louis was tied for having the most law enforcement employees per capita. So so that's that's one thing that tells you it's not a very safe city. They got more cops per we've got a news photographer in Saint Louis who listens to the show, and she always ways in in the chat room about all the scary stuff that she sees every day. So the safe at least safe cities or Saint Louis, Fort Lauderdale, San Bernardino, Baton Rouge. Oh..

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