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Split the conference center James Lankford always a pleasure to talk to I sure you're coming on I hope you can talk to us during the trial well look forward to it all at some busy afternoon but we can chat in the mornings thank you senator it is my goal to make sure that you know you listeners of the here and show no more about this trial than any other outlet in America and it helps to be a lawyer it helps eserver department just after been a White House counsel helps no the Chief Justice it helps to know the senator that helps actually pay attention to the rules and a lay down the expectation by the way I have great faith in the job because this we're talking about people of great into I mean Lamar Alexander I went all in in nineteen ninety six to try to get him elected president he would be a great president Bob Dole got the nomination at your great man himself but Lamar Outlander would have won I would've been Bill Clinton and Bob Dole didn't but I I think Lamar Alexander and Mitt Romney and Susan called these are people of great integrity or going to find that they are going to make the right decisions so just stay tuned also don't forget they're going out of the door really fact that Connie folks on the west coast just get not had not the door you got that hour and a half long commute from green valley down Oakland whatever it is get your really factor dot com you're up in Seattle you're looking at a long line of whites will be in front of you on the bridges get your really factor that come out of the cupboard before you get in the car hi Karen curriculum or they're trying to make it a for natural supplements the combined to support the temporary relief of minor aches and pains in the company exercise aging air long commutes and so whatever you are wherever you are whatever you do if you hurt try the natural approach really factor dot com really factor that comp coming right back with congresswoman Liz Cheney to finish off an amazing show today senator Lankford is posted the audio is up abuses the present during.

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