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News for people who commute into the district from Virginia. The traffic cones are gone, and all six lanes and sidewalks have reopened on the moment being the memorial Bridge after over two years, Constructionism for project has been a success. It's coming on time and on budget, and it will extend the life of the bridge for 75 years. That was Interior Secretary David Bernhardt at the bridge is reopening. This was the first complete rehab in the bridge is 88 year, history work has been done on the historic granite and the bridges, support and road service have all been replaced. But Jonathan Schafer with the National Park Service says that this is more than just a transportation project. Arlington Memorial Bridge is a monument to the sacrifices of our nation's veterans. It's a ceremonial entrance today. Nation's capital. Look. Luker w T o P NEWS 9 22. Now if your commute involves route 28 in Northern Virginia, expect more congestion. Fairfax and Prince William County is now doing major road projects. Self A bull run park is where Prince William County plans to build a four lane route 28 bypass. And this is Route 28, Fairfax County near the Prince William County line. It'll be widened from more lanes to six. What still hasn't been determined is exactly how the bypass will tie in. Do this existing 28 Prince William County is holding a virtual meeting Monday there show some basic concepts on how the roads will meet up and answer questions from people in both counties. Along route 28 mil organ Steamed W T L P News. Peter knew Shin will be the top cop in Prince William County. Until then, he'll still be DC's top cop. And this morning he was talking.

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