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Defence now how technical is scr now i know that used to be a lot of the way your site was melds and um and if you can't tell i did deal that will have some essy on my past lines so it used to be very much about how the site was built in a lot of technical aspect senate is it that anymore woods definitely technical i think the issue is is that the low level technical stuff has been commoditised so like you mentioned or lease the knowledge of it that's um most of the people that were talking to like yourself like you know started a personal blog it may read about how you do pay shuttles now you do manage frictions and why bishop an athens so if i come in with a lot of that you know technical seo knowledge i need to prove to someone y either our knowledge is more important or somehow better than the client which is getting harder and harder in a good way because everyone that you're talking to knows what a page shuttlers bank that wasn't the case years and years ago so it's still technical is just the you know the place where a company like ourself can add value is just going really really really deep into site structure into internal leaking structure um and into kind of the next level stuff you know seo you have duplicate page titles from technical level like that will always be bad so that won't change but at the same time uh you know getting good at technical stuff is easier than ever now there's tons of just free stuff for you run your url at says oh you of duplicate paid shuttles than you fixing what are your favorite essien tools i love a trips it probably has the best linked spider ring around so i can just get on the phone with someone plug the mid eight traps and then have a pretty intelligent conversation about their link efforts of.

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