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New England business report. Good afternoon. Good afternoon. Can no thank you very much. Danish. Energy business has now paired up with an American investment group to take over Rhode island-based deepwater wind or stead says it's acquired one hundred percent of deep waters equity for five hundred ten million dollars deepwater running a wind farm in the waters off block island, which is as of now the only operate. Offshore wind farm here in the US or stead CEO. Martin Neubert says this transaction will create the number one offshore wind platform in North America. And they plan to call it or stead US offshore wind deal still has to be cleared by the feds expected to do. So by the end of the year, see essay medical lexington's carrying twenty three million dollars in equity financing and venture debt from horizon technology, finance if thirteen million of this comes in adventure loan from Farmington, Connecticut based horizon, eight million dollars of that also equity investment from a number of existing shareholders. Now, the cash will go towards the advancing CSA's Krause spray therapy. Technology called true freeze and rejuvenator true free systems being used more than one hundred hospitals already to help t treat diseases involving the airway including esophageal cancer. And in Connecticut, it appears the nearly three weeks strike is over at the United Technologies. Plant in Cheshire current reporting close to two hundred workers went back to work today. They walked off the job back on September. Seventeenth after the company and union failed to come to an agreement on insurance costs and wages. That's New England business and for Jeff Brown. I'm Nicole Davis. WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty..

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