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You know, you look at what took place with the police with their ushering them in and so many different things and we're working on this very hard. We're working with legal. You know there's radical leftists of these people are sick. Nobody's ever seen something like it. 9 seconds. Said anything. He says nothing. I please keep defending this guy right when people grow old. Remember when we were kids, there was guys who still defend Nixon, bitter old white man. Hey, he just got caught all presidents there. And then they all just kind of shut up. Imagine how grotesque it's going to be for these people. 5, ten years when they're still defending Trump after he's destroyed the GOP. It's every I feel like almost every day someone tweets this a couple days ago, Rex tweeted it's two 30 a.m. eastern. The former president has been exposed as a spy and a traitor, anxious to see which Republicans feel confident enough on social media to support Trump after tonight. And then they do. And then there's some of them do, but again, Mitch McConnell won't, and Mitch McConnell's worst nightmare is coming true that we are not talking about inflation. We are not talking about gas prices. We're talking about Donald Trump in January 6th. Right. Andrew workman tweeted, stop defending him. He, this country, your party. Himself, now he is, you are, and the first step is accepting the reality of the situation. Wow. David Mamet's writing tweets though. Right, yeah, exactly. Yeah, exactly. Okay. So what do we have to I have to? Never mind. No. Oh, because I didn't believe this either. Yeah, sometimes read things first on Twitter and Andrew tweeted Tom's latest excuse the FBI was looking for stuff on Hillary at Mar-a-Lago. I wish I was kidding. And I thought that was real. No, I thought it was a joke. Oh, no, it's real. Okay, okay. 13 years, yeah. Okay. Looking for Hillary Clinton emails. I really think I think they saw it. And who knows, you know, boxes full of stuff. I think they saw it. You've got the goods. In order to have something to do with the Russia Russia, Russia. Right on. They were they were afraid that things were in there. Part of their scam material because that's what they are the scammers. And they would think that things were in there, having to do with can you imagine Hillary? And again, what did he say Hillary did they so bad? She stole and destroyed what did Hillary allegedly? So Hillary was already investigated and exonerated. How many times, but the FBI was looking for stuff on hill. He's got the evidence in those boxes. Wouldn't he release that now if he thought Stephanie, if Fox News didn't cover the exoneration, the viewers don't think it happened. Or that crazy bitch he was talking to yesterday. Yeah. This is 28% of the population. Let the cult keep doing this. And making the same people angry. Joe Biden gave a speech designed to get moderates and sane Republicans to show up and vote on the right side of a line. And Donald Trump keeps giving Joe Biden presence. 50 minutes after the hour this

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