Komi, Mr Trump, Russia discussed on Mueller, She Wrote


So to be clear. Mr trump has no financial relationships chefs with any russian oligarchs with the twenty seven. That's what i said. That's obviously what the position is. I'm not aware almost aw any of those activities. I have been called a surrogate at tom maturity in that campaign and didn't have not have communications with the russians. What what do i have to get involved with putin for have nothing to do with never spoken to him. I don't know anything about a mother than you will. Respect me russia. If you listening i hope you're able defined the thirty thousand emails that are missing so it is political europe communist know mr green communism is just a red herring like all members of the oldest profession. I'm a capitalist hello and welcome to muller. She wrote and our special coverage of the redacted muller report. I'm your host a._g. And with me today julia johnson and jordan coburn hello so today we're going to go over volume two section two part d the evidence the analysis of obstruction of justice surrounding the removal of the director of the f._b._i. James comey who is or is not our homey. We haven't determined yet. We haven't seen the yes to be or not to be our homey hamlin. A decade will reflect with more clarity and this is going to cover pages sixty to seventy seven's if you want to pause and go read or read along with us either way <hes> that's fine <hes> however you know you do you <hes> so let's get to it. <hes> isn't previous subsections. I'm going to skip the overview because has all of the details will be revealed in the evidence and the analysis sections so middle page sixty two we open komi interior test of how we opened with komi testifying testifying to the senate judiciary committee and declining to answer questions about whether trump was under investigation. We talked about this in previous sections on may third twenty seventeen. Call me was scheduled to testify right before the senate judiciary. Committee mcgann recalled that in the week leading up to the hearing. The president said it would be the last straw if komi didn't take the opportunity to set the record.

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