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Is. How the Tempa and Phillies cigars present another close. But no cigar finish a five hundred mile. Winston Cup race at Dover downs. His grueling and demanding many racists that looked in hand have been lost in the last fifty miles, including the Mason Dixon, five hundred on may seventeenth nineteen Eighty-one Hymie lie gold, another close. But no cigar finish is next. Tampa presents another close. But no cigar racing highlight will always almost hidden for victory lane. When a power like cheap, champagne the gun on me. He could pass but the wheel and I hit the gas A Flint of the Finnish over shredded. Powered he came close. It's not whether you win or lose. It's how you have a pamper. So actually that good fresh Tampa, Tampa sweet are habitat module highlight during the call. It going flat out. The date was may seventeenth nineteen Eighty-one for a while. It looked like it was a race set. Nobody was going to win not one. But two drivers had more than a two lap lead with the finish line in sight. But they failed to win. Neil Bonnett driving the wood brothers. Ford was the class of the field in the Mason Dixon. Five hundred holding a two lap lead. Over kale Yarborough with less than forty miles to go in the race firmly in command here this afternoon. I don't think as we said a moment ago I've ever seen a car work. Any better already hall slowing on the back straightaway. Neil Bonnett number twenty one is slowing on the back straightaway. Donnie, Allison goes by their smoke puffing. Every now and then out of the left rear the automobile, bad luck continues to play the wood brothers Stewart for Jeddah bonded is on pit road. Let's see what happens. Let's go to Jerry punch on it talking with Leonard wood and Glynn would go sitting here leading the windows. The only look at each other to shake your head and walk away in this. Looks like it's an end of the day for Neil Bonnett and the purolator Thunderbird what a heartbreak for Neil Bonnett, who's to lab lead is all gone down the drain just forty one miles from the checkered flag one man's bad. Luck was another man's good fortune with bonnet out of the race. KO Yarborough seemed all but guaranteed of winning second place. Jody Ridley was four laps behind and Keio was only twenty one laps away from the checkered flag. But again, the Munster miles struck troubled Kaley Arbor, a lot of smoke from the car going into turn number one Yarborough stays in it. He's in turn one heading for Eli goes on the race track. Very has been running almost flawlessly but KO now well off the pace. Here comes Jimmy means to go around and likewise wall chip in a billowing number twenty seven automobile, the valvoline colors limping bias towards turn number three Yarbrough under power. But just barely believe. It you can't believe it here in this afternoon at Dover. Neil Bonnett watch to go up in smoke kale. Yarbrough who was less than twenty miles. Just about twenty one miles. A matter of fact from winning this when this afternoon has gone up in smoke with a four lap lead on Jody Ridley Ridley made up the four laps. He was behind. And then he headed for the checkered flag the white flag waves over Jody Ridley the trucks more sunny king. Ford Honda entry of Junie, Don Levy, Ridley heads off to turn to well. The driver from Chatsworth Georgia works as way takes a little more room now inches away from the outside retaining wall. Just a bit easy line to turn three looking for the checker. Jodi, really takes good line brings it down to the bottom of the racetrack comes out of a throttle. Bit slows up he comes off that fourth quarter herald kinder- with a checkered flag puts it on him. And Jody Ridley wins. His first Grand National Winston Cup race and show. It was Sunday may the seventeenth nineteen Eighty-one as I Neil Bonnett, and then kale Yarborough looked unbeatable. But it was Jody Ridley who went to victory lane in the Mason, dick. Five hundred. I'm e y gold. This close. But no cigar finish was brought to you by Abba, Tampa and Phillies cigars on about. How you guys that was one of the strangest day that are spending a race track. He didn't know what was going to happen and lapses kept going and going and going even change the lap count on the scoreboard yet to wait for Jody Ridley to catch up there. And that was quite a day. I remember the reception in Junie Dunlavey got it. That car came down pit road. Everybody was celebrating that day. Now, they really did. They came out on pit road. Just about everybody came over the wall. Some of them almost got run over they were so happy for Judy Don lady to get his Winston Cup win back in those days and sitting here thinking with dick Brooks got out of that car. He came close to winning here. A couple of times himself in these car. They've always extremely well here Dover four hundred sixty one miles or complete right now as they continue to wind around here. Derek cope headed advantage of almost three seconds over Kenny Schrader moment ago. Let's go to pit road. Rusty walters. Very standing here. Slipping? Thanks to little bit. Turn off.

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