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Time good. Morning I'm Felicia middlebrooks. Welcome. Back Felicien he'll good morning everybody I'm Pat Cassidy down. A gorgeous, forecast compliments. Evacuate today mostly sunny very warm are high Eighty-eight degrees closer to eighty at. The lakefront sixty eight at. O'Hare top local story on NewsRadio the Chicago school board today will consider a nearly eight billion dollar spending. Plan for the coming school year live with details. WB gums Bernie to foia out the proposed school system budget includes one hundred and eleven million dollars more from the state of Illinois and putting the public. Schools on a better financial, footing even. The watchdog civic federation, supports it the sun times says that's. The first time since twenty eleven. The group has given the CPS Budget a thumbs up during this. Election year the school system. Plans to spend nearly a billion dollars on physical school improvements but seven hundred fifty million of those dollars. Will be borrowed money reporting live burning to foia. NewsRadio on one point nine FM memorial service for missing crew member John Santarelli overshadow yesterday's award ceremonies for the Chicago to mackinac yacht race yacht club Commodore. Leaf Sigmund called for a, moment of. Silence after paying tribute, to Santa a rally our crew members. Of our family enduring this race We we Salvi lost one of the best many Thomas skippers, the goblin, and said, he considered Santa rally a close friend. Volunteered for so many things we would, refuse is volunteer effort on on on many occasions You've done too much HAMAs said the loss will. Be felt for a long time Bob Roberts NewsRadio and what I'll find point nine. FM divers have recovered the body but twenty four year old. Woman a day after she disappeared from Marquette park beach in Indiana Twenty-four-year-old, Thira hardy had gone swimming Monday evening with friends after lifeguards were. Off duty hardy was last seen as a wave crashed over her head Gary police say the national, weather, service had issued. A beach hazard statement Monday for strong waves at. Three, to four feet and rip. Currents the, Lake County marine unit found Hardee's body about a quarter mile from, where she was last seen swimming Hardy's friends survived onlookers had helped them out of the choppy water. Michelle Fiori NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM President Trump wants to see, a media marriage move forward but the Federal Communications Commission. Isn't an agreement that has the nation's chief, executive pretty angry and emotion he expressed a tweet Mr. Trump came to the defensive Sinclair broadcast group's propose Three point nine billion dollar media merger with Tribune media after the FCC raised some serious concerns that infer. The companies misled federal regulators WBZ news time six oh aid traffic and weather together on the eight sponsored by Packy. Web toward here's boat, around getting heavier progressively on the expressways tollways this morning the Edens inbound you're. Seeing brake lights as you approach the. Kennedy but no major travel time issues just nineteen minutes from. Lake cook into the junction nineteen on the outbound trip the Kennedy inbound is pretty heavy from ever road to Nagel twenty four minutes from O'Hare to downtown ten in from the. Edens twenty three minutes on your outbound trip to O'Hare Eisenhower inbound at thirty eight. Minutes that's from route three ninety into the burn interchange twenty. Five on, the drive in from Mannheim eighteen out to Mannheim thirty one, minutes out to three ninety Stevenson inbound forty seven minutes from three. Fifty five to lakeshore drive in twenty-six on the trip in from the tri-state but no outbound fifty-five, issues, as thirty minutes. From lake shore drive out to three fifty five. On, the Dan Ryan down twenty. Eight minutes, from ninety fifth into the burn interchange Deva crash on the shoulder, on the Chinatown exit to look out for no outbound delays on the Dan Ryan I fifty seven. Is all clear both in and out the Bishop Ford's. Slow as you approach The, merge twenty one minutes from eighty ninety four. In no outbound. Delays lakeshore drive, both north, and southbound looking okay on the Tri state. Tollway the northbound lanes or slow from Saint Charleston Balmoral but, no southbound delays report onto ninety, four, the Jane Addams in the Reagan both looking okay so far this morning the atoms tapping the brakes as, you approach the Kennedy the Reagan a, bit slow as, you approach the Eisenhower but no major issues for, fifty five route fifty three both, looking all right I eighty both east and westbound in. Great shape and north. West eighty ninety four and I sixty five or looking pretty good but on the Indiana toll road westbound got some issues that US four twenty one that's because of a crash involving, a semi all, lanes remain blocked ninety four is going to be your best, alternate through north west India looks like if. You're westbound the Indiana. Toll road you being diverted off at state road thirty nine right now so I, ninety four much better option heading westbound through northwest Indiana in park ridge earlier crash evolving utility pole down had Oaten closed between western night it is now reopened traffic is getting through.

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