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Pam Warner, Nelson, Iraq discussed on WBT's Morning News with Bo Thompson


From the WTTW center here's Pam Warner we are experiencing some slowdowns right Nelson said red westbound just before BTS fork road got a left lane and left turn lanes currently blocked by Iraq the good news is not a lot of traffic flow in that area so if you stick to the far right lane so you will be able to get around that we're also seeing eighty five southbound at Concord mills Boulevard exit forty nine a left lane does remain tied to south Boulevard east Kingston Avenue still dealing with a pedestrian involved accident I'm not hearing too many details on it I'm guessing it's not too serious a definitely a minor rack of possibly some damage there also we are still seeing that seventy seven north bound just before forty five exit nineteen is starting to clear I'm sorry that one already did clear it's a northbound near Langtree exit thirty one and that is in the final clearing stages a rhino still ceramic coating seals and protects any exterior from north Carolina's harshest elements call now and get twenty percent off and ask about their twenty five year warranty call seven zero four five nine seven four one four one or go to rhino shield Carolina dot com Pam Warner WBTW WBTV time seven thirty one here sports with Jim's Okey major league baseball players association made their counter proposal to the owners offered to open the season and the new proposal from the players the regular season would have a hundred and fourteen games compared to the owners plan of eighty two players also looking.

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