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So if you're philadelphia eagles fan which you are a year playing the worst team in the nfl you're still going to watch it yes if you're in alabama football fan i know everyone will call and say you're crazy but you may put the mercer game on but you know it's going to be sixty five to seven that that's that i think is part of the problem with college football but it's the best regularseason and splits efsa luna i in in the nfl has mismatches and you couldn't pay me to watch one of those sunday morning gains from london between the jaguars and and the browns whatever but you you at least new england gets upset every once in a while a there are upset there are no upsets in those games in college football take a break mad is up next in arlington texas what you say matt noted that your shirt he there matt obviously not ronald in coral gables florida what do you say ronald yes sir how you doing we are doing well i know i want the like you know talk about my keane's a little bit um i think oh yeah definitely i think this is the season um we're gonna come joe restored a new era having a years in a row of i heard this may not for me you know i'm eager to you at heard two in a row for me i can't speak for the call that called and doing the shannon and our go any years which were um it goes without saying a word years we've probably has a poll ground but um the my point of view um speaking about this year with margaret.

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