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Clip. You beautiful young lady. Why do you crazy man. You do john waiter. Yes i note actually by waiting license way how he better be paying for young paul. He's janis stumpel. Serve you looking out. How they just want okay on a date with a man who abducted people like newry. He has a creepy yvonne and docks people not criticize. I've just reporting. I think that. I think it only shows them is great parents house so they each have their own room. I mean theories out there half naked somewhere they sylvan. Oh that does it for this episode of tights and fights this week. Your hosts were lindsay calkins daniel radford along with me how love when you know all the stuff i'm doing just follow me at how love with on twitter. It's all their danielle Yeah you can go check out those on his trailers. Those are happening every tuesday. Dnb on is celebrating Four years and so doing a bunch of dnd events benefiting jaspers game day and stack up dot org. And so it's going to be on the twits channel all this week the week when you're listening to it and i am going to be playing a game on thursday called whose quest is if any way two. Pm pacific standard time. We don't get notes. Were not going to be prepped. The characters are going to be totally random. And so joe star you. A friend of the pod and one of my friends is going to be dungeon master. And it's going to be me anymore. Paul cucumber be felted friend not puppet puppet his racist terry gamble and gina deebo. And we're all going to be playing just a bunch of random characters and stuff so if you like me on dvd. And i know that some of you have found me through dimension twenty and other things and you wanna watch more about stop. It's going to be happening on thursday. I believe i'll have to double check. But i believe you can also catch that on. Vod on the twits channel as well. If you'd like me and you want to see that kind of media that kind of thing dimension twenty. We've just wrapped up about a few weeks ago. We finished with misfits and magic which is really fun. Show deemed by a guard. And it's really really fun and you should check that out and then also if you wanna i think there might still be issues probably sold out but there might still be issues of the comic that i wrote regrets go meet her. World number free There's wrestling there's court i did. That's it wow. That was a lot of stuff for me. I'm sorry lindsay. what's up kid. I love when you do that. Or you could get them out from the library or you buy the ones that exist you can find them all lindsey dot com and you can find me atlantichealth on social media where i will doubtlessly be because i am on an edit deadline and i hate that so i will probably be on twitter talkin shit about things that don't come join our producer. Julian burrell will spend the next week working or his. Deltoid variant still pumping it up. Those muscles are so big. They need extra attention senior producer. Maximum fund is laura swisher. Mike eagles the voice behind our theme music were putting them over for that. Keep up for this all week long on facebook twitter instagram discord links. All of those are in our show notes. If you love what we do. Remember to hit those five stars on apple podcasts and share with all your friends and thank you so much for the maximum members who make this show possible. We'll be back next week. For even more you guessed it raslan. Maximum fund dot org. Comedy culture artists owned audience supported..

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