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When a cast to kick off I mean, we got Carol Baskin's and Aj McLean Johnny where who, who you most looking forward to seeing on the dance floor. Well, you know I was so funny I thought I was talking to a j McLean from backstreet boys and I was like Oh you've got an advantage been backstreet boys Danzon for decades and he's like Tyra. HIP, hop dancing. We were you were taught to not be precise. You're taught to do the move and throw it away. He's like ballroom dancing I. GotTa have shoulders back. I have neck up precision. He goes I gotTa unlearn everything. So he went from me from being like front runner to like he's like tire. I'm so scared and nervous and I've talked to other stars and they're like my feet are hurting I got bunions corns that I never knew I can have So I have no idea I mean we all know Johnny wears going to bring it because he's you know ice skating champion so. We'll see definitely some fun costumes. That's for sure when he comes back what about Production as far as with pandemic how's it? GonNa. Affect do with social distancing and the whole is it is it Going to prove to be very difficult right now. There there is a team like a health and safety team on this that I have never experienced in my entire life. You know just to see the steps are being taken to keep everybody safe. Some are the obvious things. Judges will be not just sixty eight feet away from each other everyone onset has to stay eight feet away from each other. Of course, the everybody there's copious testing of crew and cast We have three married. Pro Dancer Couples those couples. CanNot be living together during the whole dancing with the stars competition. So can you imagine a? Loved one could be three months. So long time because they'll be paired with a celebrity and those are like different pods that are happening. There's a lot I can't have friends or family come to the set everybody. There has to have a purpose It is again testing it is there's a lot, not just the top line than. Way More a lot more protocol would lease. You know the show must go on and it will go on. So that's good. They will at least get a get a break and get to be entertained. Is is are there changes to the voting system or is it essentially a down to the judges or and then how does it work? Do they carry half the waiter? Initially they sort of give their influence and then It's pretty much consistent. rookus popular dance we have been speaking about how to make the popular dance edition that I want to have a form of voting while still maintaining the integrity of the Latin dance. That's all I can say just right now. But there will be some type of voting with popular dance But again, that's not every episode. Okay. Okay. And I was talking about kids early how how old? How old's your son now Tara? My son is four and a half. Is Four and a half. Okay. Getting in there is or and a half and half to say he takes after you. How so but half he got one dimple. You got one and I have to be honest. This is weird because usually used to being like in the room with you doing the interview I've done your radio show to but like an Parson so. Yeah. I know. I. Hope we get to see each other soon and that's cool. Though boy is getting. All right. What's his name is I q what's what's his name? His name is York like New, York right on right on. Very cool. Very cool..

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