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Were woken approximately breath all the time very unhealthy. And don't do an instance. I love into at least to be very good walker not know about to enter going up the steps. I don't think it is lakes book. Let's put your beliefs very backlash I know you much needs to review Wellington's place called for Doc. Coffee Noyon has not seen raincoats. I'm watching shoes really wish we choose. We welcome okay okay. So it's Kyushu places singles religion reason. I am not going to have to up the volume on this recorded whispering because Cathedral theater. Yeah for yesterday. We can't follow icon. I'm Catholic today. Those images quite modern deadly to dress like saint stress. That's like a Victorian seuss doesn't isn't very good points actually. Well let's you know it's only over just over one hundred years old which is astounding because it looks medieval. Yeah it was built on the radios came. It's actually a wack house. I I believe the site. Since at least as the Catholic Cathedral was built on a workhouse this one was Japan was built from like it was designed. Eighteen was built in one thousand nine hundred think now the zero to hear Eh gay rights provisions. You're welcome everyone for the effect in doing this. We're going along pretty calm. You look at that you can see the completely set outside coming through the windows. That's impressive the altar huge seek people smiling at me. 'CAUSE my wedding's no I think this mushy Wellington City in those are we'll see you. We get home. Who is dry fees and hoosiers? Yes because that's the point of the podcast is find some folks you know what I hope. The microphones picking up like the lovely resounding echoes of the Place Right. Yeah well I think there's a place called the Lady Chapel leading which is allegedly very haunted haunted. Yes what what is your life. I think he was someone. And there's also we'll have to try that that's like a whisper arch web on one side. Longview Yeah Yeah. So one of the stands underneath the arches. When you stumbled you decide and carry very often over the arch and your hair and we'd be able to test this success with the forty ninth time? Yes so it's literally called a whispering arc you sit down here. I'm going to go over there. You wish into that. Yeah see something. What are I'M GONNA SAY NO HOUSTON? GPO by knowing being sorted Yaqoob. She's going to whisper into that. You see if it doesn't.

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