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In 18 59 John Francois Gravel Let a Frenchman known professionally as Charles Blondin becomes the first daredevil to walk across Niagara Falls on a tightrope stunt, which was performed 160 FT. Above the Niagara Gorge. Just down River from the falls was witnessed by some 5000 Spectators. Blondin crossed the cable about two inches in diameter and 1100 ft. Long with Only a balancing pole to protect him from plunging into the dangerous rapids below. Jumping ahead this week in 1979, the Sony Corporation sparked a revolution in personal electronics with the introduction of the first personal stereo cassette player. A device as astounding on first encounter as the cellular phone or digital camera would later be. The Sony Walkman officially went on sale this week in 1984. The Motion Picture Association of America, which oversees the voluntary rating systems for movies introduces a new rating. PG 13 The initial ratings categories, where G M R and X. The AM category was eventually changed. The PG parental guidance suggested, and the PG 13 category was added to indicate film contact with a higher level of intensity. On August 10th 1984. The action film Red Dawn became the first ever PG 13 movie to be released in theaters. And this week in 1992, the one millionth Corvette, a white lt one Roadster with a red interior and black roof. Same colors as the original 1953 model rolls off the assembly line in bowling green Kentucky Corvette is now in its eighth generation of body style. And that's what happened. Thanks for listening to this week in history on I Heart radio, the films the stars the milestones being wards I. Heart radio brings you the week in Hollywood history. June. 28 1996, actor and comic Eddie Murphy scores a career rejuvenating hit with the Neti Professor Jada Pinkett Smith and Dave Chappelle also starred in the film, which grossed over a quarter million dollars worldwide and won an Oscar for best Makeup. June 30th 1955. The Johnny Carson Show debuts, a prime time variety show hosted by the Future. Late night legend. It last 39 episodes and Carson would start his nearly three decade run is host of the Tonight Show in 1962. July 1st 1941 the first two commercially licensed television stations in the United States sign on in New York City within one hour of each other. Both remain on air today, now known as WCBS, Channel two and WNBC. Channel four. July 3rd 1991 nearly seven years after the original Terminator two Judgment Day hit theaters, the most expensive film ever made at the time. It earned over $200 million in the U. S, and was the first film to take in more than 300. Million dollars internationally. July 4th 1910 actress Gloria Stuart is born in Santa Monica, California widely remembered for her role in 19 97th Titanic. She was a veteran of over 50 films before passing. Welcome back. Yeah. So let's get.

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