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So the winner was riddled by d. q. but what do you think about the more aggressive bobby lashley. We're seeing the past couple of weeks you think. That's that's on purpose. Built up. wrestlemainia jordan is warranted. We need to see that i. I'm sick and tired of quiet. Bobby lashley in the back. He should come out and one fucking destroy. Everybody in his path is what i'm saying. Maybe bobby should give up the united states championship the riddle and and maybe maybe he should be dragonflies opponent wrestlemainia. What do you think that'd be a good look down ever do it though not now. Jewish bobby's money. Sign me up so yeah after that Lashley kept holding doing the hurt. Lock crazy. Bobby lashley beat the shit out of him. It was it was a pretty cool segment in my opinion After that we had your and cutting a promo on edge backstage. He said edge make made him feel like a liar. Made him look like a liar by returned from injury. When orton said he wouldn't He says edge won't make it through wrestlemainia because ordinance going to end his career. Tonight we ended up finding out the main event of roll. This week was edge versus rand yard right right so far. Not bad right so far royale. She sounds pretty good. So far so good. We had exhibited worst-off lee and kofi says that saw at least complaining about kofi twenty nineteen run and gives was a pep talk about the match. Basically a the swamp. Saying this is why i like the the story. They're doing right now. They're they're going back to how kofi took office spot when we got hurt and then kofi ended up doing kofi mania that i liked that story. We saw lee and woods have a match exhibit. Woods the winner he wins by a shining wizard one-two-three after the match Woods woods in kofi. Run out while. Of course the retribution. Try to chase them up next. We have miz tv as we had another Stupid talk show segment again He talks shit they talk shift for a while and then they bring out bad bunny Ms of course recast bed did a royal rumble bed. Bonnie comes out saying he's only here because he wants his friend to be miss tv. And we get the debuting damian priest yes daime police with bad bunny That puerto rican demographic read write demo. Gotta get that demo and We had damian priest verses misdemeanor prestatyn raw debut. Damien priest wins. I thought it was a great debut. I thought i thought yeah. He got a handshake from edge. In the back he He got that undertaker johnson kinda handshake moment. He he performed. I think great and he won the match. What do you think about damian. Priests Debut on raw. And you see a do see him. Being the poster boy for the puerto rican demographic yea and i also see that He'll be wing under the joint memorial battle royal this week exactly. Another rumor is going to be damian. Priest embed bonnie versus miz and morrison at russell media. That i mean listen they're gonna need to stop pod. Stop our wrestlemainia. They like we mentioned earlier. I don't think they're gonna go to route if cardi b. but they they gotta get the other fucking latino in there. And i got to be a florida. Who else is in florida but to fucking latinos anyway so that demo there so Like i said before debut. Puerto rican i. I still don't get the kids music. I don't know what the fuck anyway singing and dancing on top fucking busted a couple of weeks ago. Who cares. I dunno next on raw raw tag team championship. Match between her business and lucia house party. Let me ask you this. How the fuck do house. Party get a rotating. Gm tim opportunity. I tell you want to know it wasn't bad..

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