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Guide and we have the stocking stuffers. Tell you gotta go over to the show notes page and click on some of these links. This is way too much fun. Hopefully, you have your cocoa or your coffee or whatever else you happen to be sipping, and you can go and take a look at some of these things that I'm talking about. Have film camera that needs to good home funny? I was just talking about the phone camera. Shop. So over the last year, I've received donations from TVS members who have film cameras that need a good home. So what I do is. I inspect these items a repair them. I clean them again them already. And then I put them in the film camera shop that I run on at Oetzi, and I get him in the hands of people who like shooting them, and the thing that separates a film camera shop from, you know, buying on EBay is that every camera in the film camera shop every lens every assessories as been on my workbench, it has been cleaned. It's been tested spin loved, right? And when people open up the box that they get from me. They're Ida either. This looks great it smells good, and is ready to go in the reason why I can do that the reason why I can put that time into this. Because I do get a lot of donations. And that allows me to film test them that allows me to work on them. And then sell them reasoning the film Cam. Shop. So if you have a camera, then just contact me via the contact form on the nimble photographer. Let me know what you have. And then, you know, we'll figure it out how to get it over to me. This is one of the ways you can help support the site. This is one of the ways that we can help keep film photography alive is just a winning land all the way around. Okay. Have just a few updates for you. Well, I tell you..

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