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New getting a taste of a spin off show that I'm about to start over on patriotic a little something called sometimes uncle. Louis does dreadful things things which is my tribute to Friday. The thirteenth this series because in addition to this being this season ten kickoff it is also the thirteen spectacular about we'll come back to that in a minute because please please please please please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Patrick Dietrich walls and for the past ten years twice a month every month. I am your guide to the weird and wonderful world of horror for movies but you have to see them through my very very very very gay lit alive. Now I know this episode is late Patrick. He took the whole summer. This episode me late well. I have got one hell of a sinus infection and it is sucking all my energy at the last possible minute and like staring at the screen to do editing hiring is making my eyes water right now. I'm crying for you but don't cry for me Argentina Nocera because we still got a great show line over you but but as a result we're going to skip to the goods right away 'cause Hake smut. You've been waiting long enough as it is right. You've been winning all summer for this episode and now you had a Friday the thirteenth spectacular another promise to you and now it's days after and you still haven't Gotten Kamala just get to the Chase Patrick. Do now for those of you who are going. What are you talking about what this is Friday the thirteenth spectacularly well basically since I'm very very old I got to see all the Friday the thirteenth movies in the theater and so every time on Friday the thirteen pops up on the calendar. I do a whole episode dedicated to the next movie series but the thing is a long time ago. I ran outta movies Jason. I've been doing this for a long time kids. There's only so many movies you can talk about so we've ventured into movies that were produced or starred or written by people from the Friday the thirteenth serious but today we are taking a little detour and going into Friday the thirteenth this series and Friday. The thirteenth has come and gone on the calendar here. Your Ladies and gentlemen is your mud related thirteen spectacular. Now those are probably wondering what the circus music path to deal with the third what Addison Addison nothing spectacular and I will play whatever the F. I want and since my eyes or already weeping downsizes this is my face trying to record this what is GonNa cut right to the chase. We're GONNA bring on my special guests. Mike Co host for the brand new spin off show trading and Maya Murphy and we're going to give you a sneak peek of what's GonNa be coming for the people at Patriots because I'm sure you're GONNA love. Sometimes I'll glue does dreadful things but it's going to be a pay John Perk from here on out and we'll have details and how you become a page on after the show sit back relax and enjoy sometimes uncle. Louis does dreadful thing the relative my most curious of Curio shops. I am your proprietor. Patrick Walsh Your Jack Ma Shack for the evening in October nineteen eighty-seven a TV show premiered a TV show that was going to obsess and tantalize us for twenty twenty two years now and I've decided that will be meeting here once a month at my most curious of Curio shops that I have opened room this TV show to discuss us one by one every episode of the series until it is complete. Yes I'm talking about Friday. The thirteenth the series Moja moo-ha Muhu Haha and it's no fun to run haunted cursed by herself. I have two helpers on hand so it is a thrill to introduce to you my Ryan Advocacy Trading and by you do I hi everyone. I let you guys find out which one you are. I'm not going to assigned gender roles to you because I mean in general in the eighties are also complicated and I don't think I can make my hair you that so we look at a Robie does carry a lot of responsibility with her so yes so everybody. This is the first episode of the for Tran- trying on this out and see how that goes and I think we're GonNa have some fun because we're GonNa have some fun too. So here's the thing here's the thing you've got no trade you know trading from scream queens and everything you know my from screen but you know you the dry d longer so he is quite familiar with the show. Maya has never seen it before ever seen it before and I don't know what Patrick is dragging me on so we're GONNA. Let's see what happens. This is going to be journey. Oh there's so many surprises in store because as low budget as this this show is and how Janki it is it goes to some really dark places sometimes and I think a lot of it will have a modern perspective. We'll have lots of talk about. Oh Yeah and if nothing else we can make fun of the close girl closing the hair in one episode ooh. Ooh Ooh but what are we talking about where of course Friday the thirteenth series and we were talking about the pilot episode and we are going to try to get together once a month to release an episode you on the thirteenth not because honestly why wait for Friday exactly. We'll do it as long as we can. Maybe people come people go whenever we will be flexible. We're flexible here. I tell Janke Yankee escorts. The pilot episode is called the inheritance and they managed to pack a lot a lot of business into one episode. They lot to set up. They have to set up the back story. They have to set up your main. Three characters and you have to get some cursing going on for forty seven minutes show. They packed a lot of business in there whether time the story going after the thought show's almost over. There's going to be a two parter but they got everything was interesting interesting for a pilot episode. I was looking at it and I I don't know more of a movie structure like all right if this third that that third and it was. I don't know I think actually did a nice job of setting up a way they could serialize it. I agree so what's going on here when we first opened the show we meet Uncle Louis from the title all of this show in the midst of wrote down Budget Bryan Cranston and RJ G. R. G. on strong he POPs up genres Chris stuff a lot. He's never very good but I think he worked cheap. He was in children of the corn. He was like he wasn't present. In the moment it was like he had learned his lines this way and he was going to say. I'm this way no matter what it was. That's how roles that's how he wrote. That's how he do that well he do ambassasor premium hates candidate and after. I probably like what am I doing. I have what would what I did what to WHO's in well. I don't get his whole thing but we'll talk talk about that little bit later. We'll talk about it now. Because what's his name right here. He's not going to be in the rest of the show. Though has this shop that I guess he has cursed goes but he doesn't want to sell them. He's holding onto them. We're given so much explanation for his background but it doesn't match what he does. When we first see him mayes making faces or things to say oh well they explain that he had made a deal with the devil he did have these cursed objects and he was sending the curses out to their new homes but he dies as a result of no longer a peddling the devils wears he. WWL Devil didn't work never works and I should have singled never works either as you learn from the show because one of the the only touched on in the show is that once these items have been cursed the curse can't be broken and the items can't be destroyed so it's not like that episode of Rick and Morton Morty where one of the main characters is literally working at a pawn shop with the devil but like Super Super Science GRANDPA finds out to remove curses and they do it for a steep price. I had no idea did it Friday. The thirteenth series episode. That's awesome. I haven't seen is it season three season two. I thought I saw I'll just have to watch them all again anyway because they go by so fast. You can't hold on. Oh Yeah so oncological. Lewis has made a deal with the devil but he's GonNa find out later. It was hard. It was for attornal youth. I was like didn't work. They just immortality it was this young in this pretty about also is going to be very wealthy and if he was very wealthy where where does the money go all. He left to his nieces. Nephews detail kin was a pond shop like where's earn antique shop. Excuse me the like. Wouldn't there be more wealth with the wealth. He wasn't very good at what he did. he was dealing in dollars which doesn't really work Oh. You can't redeem them. At the end of the gain all the tariffs the terrorism effective ten dollars. They don't handle those devil dealers up there and no three no. They don't know they don't I'm. I'm sorry I've been busting on. It's been a Canada movie week like I've done my three podcast about Canadian movie so I'm stuck in Canada and I'm just love it. I love it up here. It's Nice 'cause I'm going to stay here. Came your school but I have a couple of good musical about them anyway. Not The point right now we have we have digressed already so yes but like as Maya said he has reneged on his deal and the devil is not having it and kills his ass by dropping him down the elevator shaft which somehow record about the sequence that leads to throwing him down the elevator shaft to hell because there's there's ghosts of object. There's the ghost of a radio station radio coming back on I fixed me tries to grab the crucifix. Ghost birds hand curse Crucifix Crucifix. That is really fun present. It's been ghost of a curse of layers on layers here but if there is a ghost of a ghost crucifix out they're all those other things that are in there that means there is a curse curse crucifix in there and then and then when they do throw it when the devil does get down the elevator shaft. We see the literal fires of hell and it's very dramatic. the whole thing looks like a video game gutsy this or we'll get the thing. That's the whole thing that got me for this. They got an emmy know how many special effects and there's just so of the time they're so even even at the time they were bad because the first time I saw this was actually not this episode with the following episode poison pen and there is a madame -ation that that my you're GonNa be like I look forward to. Why did you even try living try..

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