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Atari st the amiga it came later to the game boy advance playstation but i'm imagining that this is when you played on at spectrum no no actually not not well this is this is that the the real as much as i loved my zedek spectrum the real significant gaming platform of my childhood and teenage years was the commodore amiga and this this game international karate plus or as okay plus i k plus yes the best it's really i mean originally i think a commodore sixty four game the best vision of it is the amiga version i think so okay it's it's it's higher is it's it's smoother it's it's it's just better see the was a sixteen bit vision wasn't it that's right that's right on the this is a game by autumn clean was a game developer at the time that i really a big fan of and it's solar developed game of fighting game and international karate the first one i think it's it's it's fair to say i may have my history a little bit skewed he but my understanding is that international karate is basically a rip off of way of the exploding fist and ustralian game by that is a spectrum didn't international karate have like the sydney opera house in the background that's right yeah that's right okay so it was actually an sort of head this international same but the sprites are almost like a direct rip from way of the exploding fit some people say way of the exploding fist is ripped from from the the big data east.

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