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Commodity Jeannie she's a. very excited to know that her son knows a trip like. seven eight seven eighteen. that's the kind of thing and makes me laugh yeah. or what's going on. his memoir reads like a movie told you yesterday her mother had taken five hundred Bucks from a guy left fifteen year old to me alone with him and he proceeded to rape her she says after she left for Hollywood she sort of Glaum don Tennant house you can ski could made the movie tests with you guessed it Roman Polanski who famously had sex with a thirteen year old girl to me says because she took acting and dance classes within a tosses she met Polanski he asked her to come to his place for dinner she was a teenager aware of his predilection for very young girls so this time her mom actually stepped up to the plate and went with their so he behave also in the book she admits she cheated repeatedly on her first husband even leaving her own bachelorette party when she was marrying him with a guy she met on a movie set like a wonderful friend and she says in order to try to hang on to her husband Ashton Kutcher many years later he was fifteen years younger than her she suggested they engage in a three way love session. a couple of times that was the kiss of death she says after he use that episode as an excuse for his own cheating on her. she was. yeah if by now from the phone. she knows the triplets. mother of the triplets. from the folks at the golden globes comes this announcement we're proud to announce actor director producer eight time golden globe winner Tom Hanks will receive the Cecil B. DeMille award twenty twenty for his lasting impact on the film industry except that honor at the golden globes on January fifth twenty twenty on NBC he's a god talk that a volley ball exactly Jessica Simpson one on Instagram yesterday to announce it in the last six months and she had her baby girl thirty may she has lost one hundred pounds. I don't need that. put three she senator Pete she tipped the scales at two forty. never even wait to forty. yeah for some just do three shorter than you can but.

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