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In order to save the Australian researchers are about to start trials on a device that could restore sight to some people who've lost their vision, custom designed headgear, complete with a camera and wireless transmitter. I've been successful in sending signals to the part of the brain, which controls vision, bypassing the retina. We're hoping to kind of finish our early clinical trials in the next five years that stalked again. Wong from Mona's University, he says. If the human trials go well, the technology could be readily available by the year. 2030. We're hoping that in the next kind of decade, we would have why acceptance of these types of device that Scott Maimon for CBS News, Brisbane, Australia and the deposed monarch will get to end his days a little closer to home. We hear from CBS News Victor Barker after more than half a century living in an anonymous seaside suburb here in Britain, the last Sultan of Zanzibar is going home, sort of 91 year old Jamshid bin Abdullah al side is being allowed to resettle in nearby Oman, which used to oversee the now independent island. Sultan first fled to Britain in 1964 with a retinue of 61 but penniless. He eventually settled in a tiny town house in the Portsmouth suburb of South Sea. He didn't comment on his situation then, and he apparently isn't now. Vicki Barker, CBS NEWS London and if you're wondering a Rhetta new is another word for an entourage at 5 25. It's money news on K Y W with Bloomberg's Andrew Odell. You're one of the millions of Americans working from home over the past half year or so. Because of pandemic..

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