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Annabelle despite the fact that that data from China was the weakest rate since two thousand and nine with thanks pretty good buying coming through across Asian markets today, certainly that downside very much priced in. And we've actually started to say quite a bit of a rally coming through in the afternoon session with Asian stocks holding at those six week high assimilation. What you saw on the S and P five hundred on Friday. Of course, US markets will be closed Monday futures looking a little bit tired. Lackluster at the moment with still hunting onto these gains across Asia, the CSI three hundred on the lunch break up by half of one percent. You can say the Japanese yen certainly doing quite well against the dollar now with the handle of one hundred nine spot five nine and even the Ozzy Dullah, which initially had a bit of a deep ahead of that Chinese daughter pretty much flat lining against the dollar against the US Stiller, I should say unchanged. Seventy one six nine minutes. Everything looking pretty good. Even though we didn't have a great rate from China, and we actually still South Korea. Trade exports falling in two years in janu-. Hiring. Yeah. Look a certain extent. What what was that data priced into the market in terms of the other markets Hong Kong, if we think by Juliet late Thursday, we saw that smacking in Hong Kong. What's what's bid again this morning? What's gonna reprieve? What are you watching that? Well, some of the property developers were among those stocks. We actually just got slammed in light Thursday trade. We saw a little bit of a recovery coming through on Friday, and you can see some of these talks continuing to rebound. So this is a property developer here jae-won international up by about thirteen percent. After a gain of around sixty percent on Friday. So it looks like it was some kind of a algorithm it trade. You say got the shipbuilders looking pretty good in the Korean session and sunny optical are also looking good in the tech space. It's actually risen the most since December to the downside though. We're watching 'em MJ that is in the Hong Kong session is a company that has a full forecast that should say a drop of about. Forty percent. I should say for profit slump for twenty eight. So that has seen its share price have its biggest loss since two thousand and two USA. Thank you very much for that over. Let's get back to this part of the world and talk about s and p global ratings. They have issued a new report looking at rating and outlook trends in the Meana region. Currently seven of the thirteen Meena sovereigns. SNP rates are investment grade. You've got Bahrain Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Oman. They're speculative great. It's bringing in Trevor colonies a credit analyst at SAP global ratings. He joins us around the said, welcome back. Trevor. Madison myself going through your report, the last few hours and one of the issues that struck us was that on average the ratings and the meaner region of actually come down. I mean, you're ratings man, you spend a lot of time with the sovereigns. How happy are you with how they've performed when you compare them to how they've done in the past the ratings have come down to say, we started downgrading quite sharply. Actually in two thousand fifteen obviously when the oil price fell very sharply. So he was.

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