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The time. When Olivia was 9 months old, her mother passed away. Abraham decided to relocate the family to Providence Rhode Island. Then in 1871, he remarried, and decided to separate the family. He sent Olivia to be raised by her maternal aunt, Maria Draper. Maria was raised in the montauk culture. She passed her knowledge in that component of her upbringing to Olivia, inspiring in Olivia, loyalty and passion for her Native American heritage. At Providence high school, Olivia studied nursing and explored drama and poetry. Shortly after graduation, she married her first husband, Frank bush. Livia was 20 years old at the time, and later described the marriage as most unfortunate. The couple had two daughters, Rosamund, and Marie, before divorcing in 1895. Olivia then became the sole caretaker and financial provider for her daughters and her aging aunt. She was motivated by her family's reliance on her. One of her main sources of income was her poetry. Olivia had refined her work over the years, and in 1899, released her first book called original poems. It covered a range of topics primarily focusing on fate determination and the black experience. The book received high praise specifically from famous African American poet Paul Lawrence Dunbar. In 1900,.

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