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They are sports illustrated incredible body of work. I really appreciate the integrity. Everything you do is well done a great job. We love it thank keys. Kris menace these employed by sports illustrated the informing. This is the crossover nba. Podcast here problem with it. Build a team that can beat of hosted by one. Thank god chris mannix. All right. Howard beck is here joining me on election day after election day. I guess it's still is kind of election week. Howard it america's what this has become right. We're we're now part of the never ending cycle of being glued to cnn or fox msnbc or whatever it is that you you watch out there. But i've had my tv on for the better part of twenty four hours. I don't know about you. i did turn it off to go to sleep. I thought that was the healthy thing to do. I got up. I resisted the urge to turn it on again immediately. But i caved after about twenty minutes. Yeah it's it's a lot. It's a lot i would say this not to you. Know we have other things to talk about of course but you know players driving the black vote especially during the nba's restart if it turns out that. Joe biden wins the presidency. I deserve some credit for it. Right like i mean. If the voter turnout is the key to all this and it sure seems like it's going to set some records when it comes to voter turnout. How players participated in this process. I think we'll be influential. I think a lot of players can feel good about themselves and what they did. During that bubble to to push voting to the forefront as hard as they did will never be able to quantify that of course crazy. We'll never know exactly what the impact was and there were so many different forces at work in this particular election cycle across our country. But d- d- Rise of athlete activism and in the nba case maybe the strongest of any dealings with wnba wnba both But the platform that they have an the way that they've deployed over. The last. several months was incredible. And absolutely that that that's meaningful absolutely that helps you know you'll never know how many more voters there were because of it but listen at a minimum we know that a bunch of nba arenas became voting precincts because nba players pushed hartford in got that commitment if from the arenas that hadn't already they got more commitments in the wake of the wildcat strike in the bubble so you know at a minimum. Nba players contributed to making sure that more people had access to voting precinct amid a pandemic in a safer. Socially distanced place to vote. And in addition to that. Of course lebron james is more than a vote organization trying to you. Know a franchise voters in that battle back against the disenfranchisement of voters especially in the black community. All of that has had some kind of impact will ever know the extent but for sure. Nba players..

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