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We at at my first instinct was to want to believe him but then the more that I read about it in the more I was hearing things like this does not sound right. Who Does the quote that he said that from the from the white people that did it to him? beat him up. They said something. Like your your legacy country now Maga- country you are used as the act the N.. Word from empire and it's like Oh would y Todo watching empire holdup put up from blacks. Accession it I don't think people more believable if they had said that but who first of all if they're racist then they're not watching watching empire right. So how do you know that the N. Word From Empire magazine are you smelled at little. He's Outta smells like Shit exactly so I was skeptical pretty much since this story came out but anyway but that wasn't you know we don't want to believe that that we well. We know that stuff all the time with black people so and gay people and so oh. There's a party but that's like I want this to be true but I don't want it to be true at the same time. You WanNa lend credibility absolutely and I don't don't WanNa live in a world where I don't believe everything I hear see. I hate this part of my brain but you gotTa Know Your own stupendous and I think I'm pretty in touch with my own stupid. I hope so. Yeah at least I can see it and I go like this is why when you like. It's also just the might of storyteller like that. Sounds like something someone one who wants people to not believe the news to bribe someone to be like make a fake story because it contributes to an overall feeling yes of nothing is real yes and then people can run a muck yes so I I worry about that. We should all be worried about it like when when I had this. It wasn't a movie idea but it was like a weird flash flatware like so many people were getting me to and then I was like I wonder if a studio is gonNA plant a fake one to make credibility go. Yeah because I was like because it's costing the money money for sure you know what I'm saying so it's like you can't have obviously Robert Downey. Junior was not me too but if they were like. We can't have that happen so we need to. We need to like it's like become you hear about that. So if you hear about the CIA there's that book now called chaos to CIA as like the theory is giving Manson Lsd to give the hippies as to like experiment with people have a blah. Dude I don't know I get I get on that train a little bit faster than maybe I should know. I think I lack doc I have gone down so many rabbit holes. I've watched so many documentaries about conspiracy theories too but it's fun. It is fun but at the same I. I think I think there's something with 'cause you know your your spiritual person will live at least. Yeah I would. I don't know if I describe you as religious dispirit people. I duNno which I'll take spiritual name. Yeah me too and there is something in because there are. There's no evidence it's like the faith that we have. There's no tangible so we are more prone to to to ideas that don't necessarily have empirical evidence Dan Straight and so in agriculture and yes we were conditioned to that be like well just because that might not make sense. You should believe that right. You could even say Santa clauses sort heard of that way too for sure. Let's not get started on. Why Santa Claus Real and but also my blackness pete is black people are constantly skeptical about things right because has how do we get to America in the first place? We got tricked on a boat. But it's like we are skeptical because it's like I just don't trust you. There's a nature about black people that go out in advertising. Black people in ads are always the people that are sort of like. What are you talking about Willis? That's right I'm not saying it's right or wrong. I'm just saying start watching commercials Rosengard. They cast a big black dude to be like fifteen percent of. ooh You may be pointless ballet out of a job you get some relevant out of this. That's so true inside. I came from lakeside. Aside is a black whenever someone twisted lip this. That's right that's right that's right. Let's say April it right right but I mean obviously that that can be a wonderful thing to be discerning and I'm just saying advertising is guys like me or look I believe I like your best impression yet going my way and I'm Mike Oblivious. Fuck Shit that's right. Brian Regan has a bit about how dads and husbands. He has the line where it's like. The MOM is always like cleaning the floor stereotype and then the daddy says it's always stuck in the Venetian blind to the fact cuming. Isn't that great. What I'm saying is advertising if you want? Stereotypes go to advertising. Watch some commercials that so. We're talking about a lot of things we so here's busy damage. You'd pop yeah and dead. I don't give me a D. me. At closeted homosexual man clauses of homes. Just one that I. I don't know I had never again. I don't have tangible evidence to prove this but I know like I know like if you want to know if a a man is gay or whoever is gay just talked to someone they've dated and they will tell. You secretly secretly gay on logo. Yes us because I and it sucks because women we get such a bad rap because we call crazy and we think that we're and men fear that women are going to start calling them gay. Hey if they wrong them like oh like I didn't. I'm not gay. Just cheated on her. Now she's telling people I'm gay by have a fear of that and I'm not saying all men do obviously but there are men covers a multitude of real sure. So it's like she. They fear that Oh she just got hurt by this guy. Why so now? She's saying he's gay when I'm like no Yep just talked to some people in the anyone's GonNa know someone's cloud at home if someone I dated for a while crazy he goes back to the. This is real. The witch trials like a single independent absolutely made woman who like. We're so fast to go. That's insane. We're so scared of intuition. I think everybody's into it hasn't absolutely we do but women tend to be because they are born into a body that knows life death and rebirth. Yes that is. What makes them more do? Did you watch fleabag. Ed Monolog V. Wade's barely short. But it's so fucked. Laying season was the first one that is not seeing the second I have but I need to. I haven't really watched it. She goes to the the bar with the oldest older lesbian. She talks about how women are born with pain and men don't get their period so basically they're out having wars wars and sports so they can touch each other and feel failure and feel pain and feel lost and I was like fuck in A. It's right on. I'm glad that Mr Brown shout out Mr Brown Warren Brown. My teacher in high school used to say stuff like that all the time allowing women. We watched the Grapes of Wrath and he was like there's something about flow and it's built Elton to women's bodies that they know that bad in this comes. And then badness goes it's the season yes literally us in our bodies and Santa Stand up to the Goddamn Moon. Yep It is a moon cycle. That one else is the moon cycle which looks like Birth control pills. Because that's how it is that's how it is. It's thirty days thirty one days. It's fucking nuts. We're so this is why we want to the biggest weapons all of this power and all this intuition and all of this baked in knowledge is calling it crazy. Yeah absolutely so I. If the easiest way to dismiss a woman that's right and yeah so it's like but again like I was just saying you talked to someone who's dated people dismissed the so easily but like I said if you're intimate with somebody and you've been with them for a long time you'll know what this person is so but yeah no so. I don't have anything in the APP for that. I think we'll get ratings and stuff. Oh No if you want to date somebody you see their past had that before it was just about guys though there and I don't think it exists anymore but the girls and I never went on and I never looked at it but I had heard heard that there was a website. Dumber what it was called but women rated their boyfriends. What's of course as a whole I understand why that's a problem because we'll crazy people pull are crazy and here's the thing? I had a girlfriend that I'm like you were a little like not great. Yeah stability was she in entertainment with my my group with my words like my other XS. I'd have that they would be positive but you always worry. Of course yes yes of course. So there's GONNA be some bad eggs that are going to ruin any and write a bunch of Kansas Johnson's APP. We could but then how do you. What's the vetting process? Ask for. WHO's allowed to write? I'd have to go through a whole thing and how many Jews are gonNA make fake profiles. Exactly right it's just it's best. There's no way we're the PAP smear. Okay all right. It's like lager with your thumb. Would ask to have a little secretion on it just a little just a little juice. It's like when you blow in that thing to start your car you want is that is that a problem why it is sad. I know this. I think it's a heavy one. Yeah but yeah so no. I back talked wherever we. Where were we so I have dated one that for sure I believe is closeted dead inside I? That's what I meditate about every day. Hey I I look Pete. I've I watched the energy because the law of attraction I watch what I put out. Because that's what you get back and I I don't I still to. This Day cannot figure out but I will say it. I learned so much dating this person because now I know what's a sociopath is and I know and I now know all the red flags so if that was less than I needed to learn to protect me in the future because I learned that lesson like seven years ago help people might be dating. What are some red flags? Oh God they call it love bombing so one of the things they do against you like like borderline personality sociopaths and narcissistic personality disorder. And it's a very fine line between those and they're they share characteristics because the person that I said wasn't that stable he had had a lot of work. I'm not saying they had the borderline personality disorder and I think we brought out the worst in each other so I'm copping to my like I think the way that I was specifically glue is triggering. Yeah right because I talk about waspy I was like you. Keep your feelings to yourself. And everything's fine and driving her nuts for sure. Yeah but borderline nine that like when it's hot it's hot and then the water in the shower just goes ice cold. You know what the fuck like..

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