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Chronic Wasting Disease, Jeep, Minnesota discussed on 24 Hour News


More than a week after a Minnesota state trooper was dragged by a moving vehicle, the driver and passenger are facing charges. It happened in faribault county when state trooper Dodd Rowan Horst and his partner pulled over a Jeep for a traffic violation. The officers suspected the driver and passenger were transporting drugs. Rowan horse was partly inside the Jeep when the driver stepped on the gas in the passenger punched the trooper in an attempt to force him to the ground. According to the criminal complaint round horse was dragged along interstate ninety before he finally fell out of the moving vehicle. Jeep was found abandoned and Albert Lee in the driver and passenger were tracked down the two men are from Wisconsin were taken to the fair. Abol county jail. They have been charged with fleeing police third degree assault and felony drug possession, Susie Jones WCC. There is a lot of blazer orange roaming rural areas in southeastern Minnesota this weekend and a special deer hunt. That's part of the state's fight against chronic wasting disease. Especial deer hunt is taking place in Fillmore county south of interstate ninety and near the Iowa border. This is the same area where hunters were out earlier this month killing about four hundred twenty deer over a three day period. The department of natural resources will test all the deer killed during the two for chronic wasting disease was two years ago in Fillmore county when the state's first ear infected with the fatal neurological disease was found those animals were near the town of Preston. But since then the diseases spread at least ten new cases of chronic wasting disease have been detected in Minnesota's wild deer herds. This fall the diseases spread through deer to deer contact. There's no evidence that it has spread to humans. Steve simpson. WCC oh the Vikings. Secure a spot in the NFL postseason where the wind today over the Chicago Bears are playing at US Bank stadium with the kickoff at three thirty coach Mike Zimmer says they have to set the tone early in our last week was we started on half yard line. So that makes it difficult. We're just trying to get out get out of dodge a little bit. But so that limits your playbook quite a bit. So it's just a lot of times. It's just defense situation that you're in the Vikings lose or tie only lost by the eagles to the Redskins will get them in the playoffs. WBZ news time eight oh, six the weekend weather forecast for Sunday coming up next. Did you know.

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