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Don't see anything. I don't want them to see they don't taste anything i don't want them in. Their world is gonna be my construction. I am going to control the narrative of their world. We need to focus on education right public health right. Okay yeah okay yeah. She totally wants anal sex by the way she had to keep your and you know what it is. That's okay some people are into it and that's fine. You're not into it and you never done it. No that's fine. Kyra that's your business. I never done it. I don't want it okay. The protested away too much in readdress. Say ma'am wow. Yeah yeah you know those. The people not just kept using the word corn hole. She could've just kept using that word right. She's like not excited. You know folks lag for real for real real. She just wanted to wanted to yell out anal sex and make a scene. Yeah and king high here to talk about cornell's and anal sex and how much. I don't want it so i go around in different meetings. May sure there's a microphone and yell out. Yeah my this much. I am displeased. And if they turn off my microphone. I'm gonna come in my pants. Stop y'all but you know what is be assaliya and sometimes that's like i think it's like they're addicted to shit on the world and start shape. You're addicted the start of shit gives a shit on the world either way king it yourself. Either way it's all shit because you're going to realize that you feel like a piece of shit sax. It's okay was funny. Okay now porno for what's scam point. What's new born. Oh is that a is that the category for that for that. I think so. That's a category name. Yeah i think so. And i'm not going to google at two. Wow that's it for the news. That's wild calories out to known all right sweetie. It is time for five or six not to or no. I hope that you have your bible operating now. This is the part of the shirley. Gas where i share with the love of my life and you the listener. What i read in the bible so far and perdiod by trying to make it sound all edgy and shed the last time we heard about david. Getting ready for avalon's attack. We heard about hippo hanging himself after his advice with lawyers and the players tonight our king david himself. David's army commander. One of joab soldiers son of high priest zadok and a cush messenger. And i am actually following like on a on a website. And my teeth edgy websites. Nice dot com dot.

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