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On 10minute wins news time four forty two mall in middletown new york is evacuated after a shooting that left at least two people hurt this afternoon state police are on the scene they are not releasing any details yet for witnesses of told us there was chaos at the american eagle store this witness spoke with ten wins after getting out safely and says there is a massive police presence well creating call our warmer policemen from the entrance to the ball uh people were really freaked out uh people were hiding in in the cars in the parking lot and the gallery at crystal run in middletown that's in orange county has been evacuated after a shooting two people reported hearse as happened at around three o'clock stay with ten time when's for the latest on this developing story wins news time four forty three 30s are investigating some nasty vandalism at several predominantly africanamerican churches in new jersey glass was smashed and signs were broken at at least five churches and morris town and morris township authorities believe that happened some time between friday and yesterday and prisoners went to church this morning and learned about it at the more sound church of christ wesley marrow is the senior minister intel's 10 10 wednesay hopes the police can figure out who did this ally hard township police department there is what is there has been gathered by the police departments in the sheriff's department prosecutor's office from calgary baptist church you have their video surveillance has captured suddenly images but i'm told us not the best life a bias crime southerner elect she'll murphy is calling the incidence cowardly and says he's disgusted but says they will not shake our.

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