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Miami does no matter what carolina does. The story is still there that this is. If you want shawn watson. this is what it's going to take and those three teams continually come up. Here is bill belichick. Ask about his quarterbacking situation. Have to announce you're starting quarterback is to the world advantage in your preparation. It's your opponent doesn't slow again. I would just say tom. The we're gonna do is what feels best for our football team. And that's what it'll be Team to keep that under wraps or would be best for the team to know. The situation is at certain positions. Excuse me excuse me. I have no idea what you're talking about tom. Curren was hanging in there with chuck. Yes he is classic. Tom curren moment right there. Yep here is mack. Jones who's auditioning to become our next jimmy jamerson the patriots quarterback on if he could be the starter in new england. Played well enough to start. What did you say thank you play well enough to be a starter. I mean i've gone a lot opportunities To play in can improve on everything. I want to improve so I think just learning from hoyer cam jerry anybody. I can and just listening to josh. And his coaching. There's a lot of work to do. But i think i've made progress but honestly just only thing that matters is today and then tomorrow tomorrow but i think the past is the past in. We're kind of moving onto. the new. New season passes a past mayor. Talk about today. and then i'll be talking about tomorrow. Fred right thirty two on onto ready right now. Whenever i hear somebody talk especially if it's an nfl insider. I always think of jimmy jamerson that they didn't say anything but he takes a long time to not say anything and It's quite a knack for our nfl. Insider jimmy jamerson for example. If i said jimmy jemison hey would you start justin fields in chicago. Jimmy what are you. What are you finding out right now. Matt matt nagy and his staff are going back through the preseason looking seeing who had the most reps who had the most quality wraps actually and right. now. It's coming down between andy dalton and justin fields. They're very high draft pick. Obviously andy dalton was the man before they drafted fields but now since field has joined the roster. There's a little bit more of a battle going on. i think for that week one star. Okay yeah thank you. That's that's our insider. Jimmy jamerson thank you..

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