Gastritis, Diverticulitis, Bloating discussed on Optimal Health with Dr. Calapai


Barium enema because they can see that as the the material sort of goes into the pockets and they take that picture the x ray picture foods absolutely play a role with that and just because a person has one issue like irritable bowel or they have gastritis or they have colitis or they have diverticulitis or deputy colitis doesn't mean that they couldn't also have allergy to a food or the chemical no food or the fact that the maybe the food is genetically modified so there are lots of different components to this if you take the foods out that you believe that are irritating you whether it's nuts or seeds for a lot of people i tell them to stop eating grains and see how much better they feel everybody says they feel better you know without the grains then they know these are things that your body may be telling you of course i would more likely than not if i were to get your blood tests done in a look at the algae mechanism things reading seventy percent of your immune system in your gut so that's an important place to look for things that could be triggered another parts of your body after a colonoscopy diver diverse and i've recently i have to admit that i've been constipated and that may have something to do with it well what are you having more the sort of bloating or inflammation from diverticulitis or are you having constipation you know 'cause it's very to it doesn't have to be all the time be more constipation okay then you have to get some fiber onboard that would help to move things through there are various ways to bring fiber on board with the chew at tablet whether you drink some powder like cillian there many different ways to do it but i was still rather find out what's going on your body rather do a stool test to see what sort of things are there you know you may have unwanted houseguests as as we say castro bacteria viruses parasites fungal organisms.

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