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Forward thinking focused that forward things like became is bishop then passed it toward raiders cappin post raiders cup the malibu some big success and looking forward celebrating it with but jets numbers in this first hour jerry holland or for exchange notes actually with jamie roth from la jay fox what's that was part of the opening day festivities still a shit and certainly a big two the mutual returned in that late action and that pick for it's a at the knee it was the way in which constellation at eight the racy i mean twelve to one eye to win twenty seven dollar mutual a consolation was just silly white stream disappointing in there and certainly the race track was slack and that has been fast play be an pratt when fact with joe well reserve are you know they split before stakes opening day it's a have to data that with constellation than that of course the nightcap in the mathis brothers my oh run pay a loogy dividends paid immediately as conquest enforcer goes to the front meets out the speed and absolutely was in control every step of the way look the winner every jump under pratt and the at the mr of cole but fetch big money seven hundred thousand plus well baylor champ partners got a major and a major player my all in we'll see what we talk to fill the motto we'll see what other options phil has in mind and run then pay which he also during the holiday break parlaying worse story who's early was coming up toward the end of the year more story headed to the but i guess i said lots of bag assist news to go over there's just of sacks of news for me to wait through as we get going into the new year part of the.

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