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Visualizing injustice to great anger to create energy to use for action is a central organizing technique. I think anger is necessary, especially if we're coming up against enormous structures and systems that are oppressing people in many, many different ways like the needs courage, and it needs kind of non rational thinking sometimes where anger drives us to do things where we just need extra courage or recklessness sometimes because it just becomes impossible to stay within the status quo. I mean, so I think later we see in the books Harry's anger being channeled, you know, with Dumbledore army with her mind, health into something really productive. And right now his anger is only destroy. Active, and I'm just trying to articulate for myself when those differences are in part of it. I do think is like when you're railing against structure when you're using your anger in order to try to motivate a solution rather than to like be in a spiral. I think maybe there's something about Inger in community right when you're sharing your anger rather than stewing in your anger will the something about anger and strategy. Because I think right now a Harry's just overwhelmed by his angers no sins of containing. It does no sense of direction to it, like he's kind of lashing out with this anger and Amaya Ronan kind of the punching bags that he confined to like lay into because it takes an extreme amount of emotional maturity to be able to hold and contain and direct Anga to rile it up when it needs to be riled up and then to be able to manage it when it is getting too much. I mean, I've just been reading about some of the the history of organizing in the very early. Years of the civil rights movement. The way that singing was used really was like a social tool to manage Anga. Sometimes it was a way to bring a group back into some sense of unity, especially if that'd been real different opinions within the group singing together was kind of a way of replacing Papas and unity in the midst of conflict and also redirecting to weather. Conflict should be redirected too, which is one of the things I think we don't see happen very well in this top to really from anyone. You know, no one brings up Cedric. No one brings up Volmer in a way of like, wait, why are we will here? Even though there's a meeting literally of the order of the Phoenix happening downstairs..

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