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Have seen in the Middle East in recent years, and you're alluding to that and the US has played an important role in you personally played an important role in this changes new thinking about Israel's place in the region while your government has always been clear about support for the Arab peace initiative and the creation of independent Palestinian state. There have been visits to the UAE by Israeli government ministers. What's the way forward to realizing that vision and what obstacles if any lie on the way? Fundamentally is can I have a political disagreement with Israel, but at the same time try and bridge other areas. I think I can't and I think this is fundamentally where we are today, we are for example facing hoover, nineteen challenge, and if I am able working with the UN and working with a through the with Israel, to try and bring support to the Palestinians very fragile health service A- Tetra How does that really affect my physician? Reserve the issues of the day such as for example, the proposed annexation I think sixty seventy years. Our relationship has shown that the. Breakup of the relationship between Israeli out of countries has increased animosity and built in my opinion is huge and Gulf. That could have been much easier to bridge in my opinion, so clearly the need today is. Out of consensus that basically looks at the solution as a two state solution, Hartselle. Do you A. also wants to see continual stadium is reading. The. Is clearly against any annexation as being used by the is later. Having said that that is the political now. Do I have to really look at all of the. And make them basically. Almost sort of static because of the political me, and I think we've tried that over many years as a group of Arab, countries and I. Don't think it has really led to what we want the bringing stability to that each. This is enlightening on fascinating and really encouraging on. Thank you for addressing the AJC Global Forum. And for your thoughtful, your candid observations and more than anything for the refreshing outlook that you and is Hynix Abella and the entire leadership of the consistently bring to the challenges, confronting the Middle East and the challenges confronting all of us who are dedicated to peace and progress in your region in conclusion I. WanNa, thank you I wanNA thank the UC and I. Want to show you that ideally you will continue on its path of moderation on its back of our specialty and on it's also leaching very successful and forward looking country in each. Academic Argyle. Senator Cory Booker of new..

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