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He doesn't die. I thought this was fine. Runner was i will say the the the forty two minute episodes. Just feel like. I'm watching like a just a like an award winning it's just so good comparatively And i'm just able to be a little bit more invested when it gets over an hour and twenty s just like tough and so i was able to stay invested in this episode. I thought it was fine. I just you know. I want a little bit more More action and i'm spoiler alert. I think maybe we'll get that a little bit because spoiler alert. I think we will get that. You think will get more spoiler is the i should have been more clear the spoiler for later in the hopes and valleys now that makes for i mean it's bad guys. We there was a discussion in the facebook chat. Somebody's started a poll. Like what. Dan hates worse. Is it preview. Episodes ranking episodes wrinkles heart. Let dan stolen dan. Let me tell us his whole bit. About how aids about preview episodes. It's all a bit. They guy loves premium says. Ud walked in last week with a spring in his step knowing that we had a preview episode. Don't let him. Why did he does his whole bid about out like preview episodes. Well you know what. I got to say to you sir hats. Off to greenwich preview episodes somehow make podcasting derivative. I don't know how but it does. I don't like them. I do like the ranking episodes. I actually thought that was fun. But i want to be very clear when calls. The heart is the worst. I don't like watching it. It makes my heart sank. When i have to. It's bad television. And you know what i do feel vindicated. I wanna make sure after watching this. We watch those two hour and a half boys for the holiday seasons. And both times. I was like i know. I've not seen this show before. But this seems like unbearably long. Even if i had seen the show it's a special kind of bad and i was right. Those hour a half episodes are not better knowing the characters. There's still a special kind of bad. This is just regular old. Forty two minute bad but it's not good. I think i said that last week. I was like character does not help care to help. You said that last week. And then i was watching today and i was like when i watched this hour and a half one's the whole time i mean in eighteen thousand nineteen i was like. We're not giving these things a fair shake but we gotta watch him part of the deal. And now i'm like we did. We gave him a fair shake. Yeah because there's a potlucks not exciting though. Boiler alert has not done excel. Just we had one every week all the time we call it a covered dish though because we were good southerners. We covered dish. She goes called potluck covered dish sunday night covered dish and they weren't exciting. They weren't good. No you don't wanna cover dish. Probably a casserole. You don't want it. Oh gosh. I hate making small talk for an hour. And a half t. So we team. The desserts were always no Yeah no sodas to be found. Not a soda. That's how i started drinking tea. Lemonade eruptions covered dish. Want to place their hopes. Hope the rolls are good because the ham and turkey are exciting. Was it when there was that one person who kfc. Every time i saw go. Yeah you got a good day. Good week rates. It's time for all the fields part of show we talk about what in this episode gave his feels panda jack. Talk into cody nestle. Good seen it is. That's feels to. I have one this week. And i think it dana. Listen crushes in that scene. And i think it's legitimately earned seen like it's a really good team. I don't mind let me say this. I don't mind the plot. Point of cody. A troubled trouble is not the right word. He says he's working through grief and like i don't mind that plot point in winco sahara. I liked that they're doing that. I think that's a good. I think that's a good plot point. The problem is it. Seems like they're going to revive this like they go to this well again in the show until current. I don't. I don't have a beef with that. I think that's great. But then they end up later on. Don't they do a whole thing with like children who are like foster children which is not i when calls the heart movie. Yeah that's what we're when co hope causes born. Oh yeah because it's a it's a full of of orphans. Yeah that show up in the first. So is that i get. I don't have a problem with that. It's just seems like they run out of ideas. It just seems like they're going to that. I don't have a problem with that. It just it. Just i got a clean sweep for that conversation really feels yes only feel be found a break. We'll come back with what's here on your fun breaks. I don't know home depot's funny funny guys boy boy are we out the wait. What wayne calls a heart troubled hearts. Wait what i'm going to start with paying panda. What she got pow. I see a lot written down. One note that subject speech the kid there wasn't a wait. What here for me again. My problem with the show has never been. There's the occasional. Greece are getting less. Actually as the show in my opinion is going along. But that's simply because like. I don't think i think i would have more. If if each episode had a complete storyline earth and it's just harder to pay attention. Let's be honest only drift here. But also i just can't see where they're going and they have time to course you know what i'm saying in a movie it's the full plotline and i sit there and be like well. That doesn't make sense on a week to week basis. They'll come up with something that doesn't make sense a lot of times. They fix it the next episode or something like that or i don't care enough by the following episode to remember what the previous one we could do this show with just reading the wikipedia plot. Yes that's that's the also the truth of it. Maybe we should. We did I have a couple We have a couple of wait. What's one is at the beginning of this episode. Bill walks into the jail to see them having dinner and he seems very hungry and he's waiting for an opportunity and they invite him over to. He grabs three roles. And he's out and i was like oh boy. Bill is down on his luck. he's no longer amount. He's going through a hard time by the end of the episode. he's buying half a cafe. What was the deal. Then with the rolls royce. Wanted three hundred. That's one of mine when when you when you can find it you grab one you grab one grocery role unless you are going through it. I was like boy. This guy is no. He's a cafe. He grabs sixty percent of the roles for the meal. Sixty percent of them. They did look good. they look good. And that's not okay. Bill how the roles of the chorale they. Oh yeah. that's up last one. Is the conversation. Obviously with jackson. Cody was fantastic. Because we all had it as are all the fields but wasn't fantastic is the fact that jack was wearing this. He was wearing a hanley over top of the henley. He was wearing a flannel top. The flannel he was wearing suspenders. And that outfit doesn't make sense and any ration- ever. It's a hanley covered by a flannel covered by suspenders calming. I didn't.

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