Ramona, Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Cosby discussed on The Bobby Bones Show


All right Morgan number two who's your pick we all think about in the show go ahead I'm sorry Morgan okay I'm going to go with the female I am going with the name but it Amy Poehler strong earnings yeah strong strong Ramona has anybody said Jerry Seinfeld now what about Bill Cosby if you I will give you side I would also LOL is that a suicide in this game do it I'm gonna go away from the comedians I just want to go somebody to every time they're on TV I giggle I laughed my fiancee loves I'm gonna do Rachel from friends so Rachel a character nice nice okay that's good I took a three rounds to get smart about this and and go off the beaten path here I'm gonna go with on the last pick here I can talk it out then hi David Letterman who is my hero however if your vase negative taken though because I'm just I'm thinking about Peyton manning Peyton manning interesting really funny on commercials super because I don't think it has to be does LOL funny Seinfeld obviously I'm gonna go with Amy brown for the bargains to wow and members got.

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