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Plan to do that so all in Katy getting disagree third it's her day to have you tell her she's wrong she wants to ban all the frats and sororities gets it done with it that's come in a few minutes are you get up to her cantus rationale and then you get the hell she's wrong and ninety nine seven three all this morning during the tunnel are during the commute to rather in the ninety nine total eighty eight and also one out took over people's radios in said all right turning your car's get outs of act with the total roughly it said that it was apparently mistake partridge joins us Washington state department transportation bart will come the came I could talk show thank heaven appreciate you coming on good question bart what system was this that then took over the radios when people were in the tunnel this morning was this the I pod system or was this something else it's called a about them over right and can you explain how that works to people sure so we have a lot of safety systems inside the tunnel it typically it it's yeah most of the things that people are familiar with yeah the ventilation system verifiers press suppression system but there's also notification sign though is you're approaching a tunnel if they're like a special events so knowing you're heading heading south bound that's good information now or if there's a stalled vehicle or collision ahead you're going to want to know that before you get too much farther in the tunnel you start seems brake light so it prepares you for what to expect in so depending on the severity of it and for that we we use these these tools to notify folks of what to expect meeting with the right lane to slow down those types of things when we have we have sold vehicle this morning just before seven o'clock right before the mercy street exit Mercer Harrison exit and so we yes part of that we we work really closely with the law enforcement for instant response team that's out there on the panel so that they went out there took a look at the vehicle so you can move it but the meantime our operations team looks at what it does what it does best is that we need to display or what we need to advise folks as are heading into the tunnel and so we have a suite of options of things that we can pick from it's kind of the right tool for the right job it might be an overhead message sign this is Hey the old vehicle for traffic ahead that type of thing well one of them as one of the options is the name after all right for folks to exit the vehicle and annexed the tunnel and that wasn't the right tool for this job but it's something that we can you say if there is an incident that would in their safety we need folks to yeah get out of the vehicle start exiting the tunnel so it's kind of like one was worse case scenario type options that we have available for for for driver and passenger safety okay so I understand that it is there is there anything notifying the drivers that at any time watch dot can take over the system in their vehicle to then warn them like is there a sign on either end of the tunnel that a driver might see no right bart's trees trances Welsh me back up well I can contact is important to point out here also so if you if you see brake lights you see emergency lights up ahead if there's a sign that says they have collision had moved to the right move to last or if you're in a tunnel and you see brake lights an emergency lights and then you hear that the message you need to exit the vehicle that that that that message that folks who you would need to Q. them to take the next step and then we even have a PA system the tunnel that would advise them to exit the tunnel or use the you would call the egress areas to it to exit safely so they would hear further instructions if that was something that we need to we need to advise folks off but she says with his washes it department transportation cell bart I was missing this morning sells more news Dave Roscommon a bright we're talking about this and I got to deal with Chris sold under this traffic force in the morning and you know Traci tele courses traffic right now during the show and here's here's my question for you how concerned are you guys in it it doesn't appear that people follow directions that the announcement one out and we were running an interview with a lady who said yeah I I heard of five or six times on loop but I drove through the tunnel are you guys concern with it it seems like people to sit out whatever so from where you spoke with yeah if you drive into the tunnel you have free flowing traffic in here messes like that it doesn't make sense does if yours free flowing traffic no but I if there's if it announcement comes out and it's an emergency variety and it says evacuate are you guys concerned that people did not follow directions so part of it the context right so if you if you if if the message match of the context that's what we're people we need to take action and so if you see free for trafficking here message like that it's not gonna really add up and so what most folks really start peace new things together and and so if you do see slow traffic you see life in you hear sirens in here a message like that okay I need to I need to take take the step but if there's nothing else beside that message to get you to to to pop the some other action it's just not going to add up all right so your advice then is if the announcement from wash dot on your radio is stop in the back of your car to then check around and see if other people doing the same thing if their sirens are lights set to have a secondary judgment not just rely on what washed out tells them we have to stay engaged when you're when you're behind the wheel and driving a vehicle that's the most important job that you have and is this the box safe operation of that vehicle and so part of that is take into account what else is going on here am I going to it if their their vehicle stop the head I probably need to stop and if their scientists they need to exit here I should probably follow that side but if you're not seeing those other clues in here something that doesn't it just doesn't add up so part of it's just just being aware of of your surroundings being aware of what's going on and then as you hear that that the messages and you see the advice that that's coming in to to do something else all the advice but it's gonna make sense so we've had a couple of new stories over the past year or so regarding false alarms like this the big one in Hawaii obviously this was on that caliber but this was another one where people received a warning when there was actually a warning for them to be receiving it was a mistake on the procedural and did you folks need to make any changes on the way you issue these warnings or who's involved in issuing these warnings or is it just one of those things that you consider kind of a one off it's totally one off when we have an instant there's a there's a list of options that are are we have to choose from and part of its you know eliminating a sign that says you know something the head it could be additional lighting in the tunnel so people can see what's going on better have a better yeah the user had to match the tunnel leading with the outside conditions maybe a better venue no increase the ventilation fans yeah there's a lot of things that need that that we can choose from but it's got to be appropriate for the situation so it you know our our operators are trained the they know what they're doing this is an advert you know clearly it's something we can follow up on it and make sure folks are aware of of you know the steps needed and and the choices and to make sure the sources of the most appropriate for the situation our trees from Marcia joins us now he's a northwest communications manager talk about the ninety nine total this morning and how an alert came off the people evacuate and then that caused a little bit of confusion so bart moving forward we know that there was a bunch of confusion this morning do we need a sign telling people that yes your radio may be taken over by washed out to give you further important instructions in the event of an emergency maybe on both ends of the tunnel or or what the thing with signing if you want to give the right amount of information so if you have too many signs and and people get used to them they may not they may not keep an eye out for and so we want to be very strategic about where to put science with you have a radio message like that your vehicle and if traffic is stopped and you hear the message from over aim FM radio say listen Kenny Mike and Todd in your your vehicle stock in the tunnel and all the sudden watched I get sciences Hey detects the vehicle and an ex the tile lets you match the message in the tunnel that says he move it move to the exits to in the title so there's there's it all has to fit together yeah we it it's a it's a new tunnel of sophisticated there's a lot of our systems in there that that make it function really well so this is one of those items that we have that can help it you know people in the event of an incident and its for safety all right but she's been with this wash dot north was communications manager appreciate you coming on bart thanks very much thanks said name the show you said experiments and again I'm sorry because the confusion that's not our intent we appreciate people being aware and hopefully they contain the same dates I appreciate very much six Martin coming up on the Katy my can talk show came the steps up for tell me I'm wrong and the rules pretty clear you you get to respond to her this is kind of a senior thesis.

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