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Eighty five percent of milwaukee school students are proficient in reading how about that as a headline how about crisis in education wisconsin schools comma milwaukee schools doing poorly on behalf of students here's what the results are guys the overall results for milwaukee public schools are you sitting down because if your kids are in these schools you should pull them out for proficiency what is proficiency is base level proficiency base level competence in fourth grade or eighth grade or twelfth grade proficiency or better in milwaukee public schools twelve to fifteen percent twelve to fifteen percent that's the overall number for nps how about wisconsin oh take your kids out nps get your kids into a school outside the city how's that gonna benefit your kids now it will certainly be better but wisconsin schools are rated proficient depending on whether you're looking at reading or math at thirty five to forty two percent thirty five to forty two percent governor walker is going around wisconsin and highlighting the fact that the legislature just signed off on six hundred thirty nine million dollars more for public education you want to know what the results were last year for wisconsin schools the same you want to know where they're going to be next year the same you have sixty five sixty to sixty five percent of kids overall in the state not proficient and in the milwaukee schools you have eighty five to eighty seven percent of students not proficient that's what these numbers say i think that warrants a more alarmist headline than what the milwaukee journal sentinel gave it outgoing superintendent of nps dairy and driver said it's unacceptable tony iverson said it's unacceptable that's a lie it's totally acceptable to have almost no kids in schools that in milwaukee area the estimated cost per student.

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