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I'm very personally girl again, don't. Being personally, but dull don't. But I, I am taking personally because your friend is comparing bad boat ride to you, being abused, Buchan care back in the Hamptons we lived. So. Well, I'm still feeling the effects. You had brea member, like we all had so bad that I walked out now I'm gonna walk Brown, boom, fell out of me, which I think was Ramona actually taking responsibility for pooping on the floor. So I have to apologize for back at the beginning of this podcast. When I said she would never take responsibility for pooping on the floor. She just sick responsibility for peeping on the floor. So you know, poops maps or whatever. I don't know what's appropriate to give, but you go girl without wanna think about it Ramono. Yup, which you don't wanna think about it because you didn't boop on the floor. You pooped on the bed cake and as much crap is Ramona's taken over the years for forcing people to help her unpack and pack and pack and pack. Do all do all her stuff. She's on vacation Lou like literally shit Abed. Okay. Like you can't. You can't say anything to Ramona anymore. Okay. Just you guys know on can have skincare party at goop Magoo. Now they've been to this restaurant before this year, but the fact that Ramona is coming up with the skin product in the first place when she's had multiple. I mean, looks great and everything is don't get me wrong, but she's had multiple skin care skin. Things done to face multiple surgeries or fillers or toxic talks whatever. So to come up with skincare and just pretend that that's all out of a bottle as Larry's and that you're having your party for at a place called Magoo. You guys look up Mr. Magoo. Okay. And tell me what that face looks like. It looks like an old Popeye Popeye didn't have that ageless glow to begin with. Okay. Mr. Magoo is old. So the fact that Ramona is having a skincare line launch called ageless at a place called Magoo is just so fucking Ramona. My housing painting by Mr. TV Smith, and now we're at Sonia's house. So I hope you guys are ready for some more talk because Sonia is not only trying to put a human sized fan inside a tiny little laundry hamper. She's also talking about like a lot a lot of, so she showing her house. She's trying to run it for thirty two grand a month, which is just insane. I mean, I don't think Sony in her prime even cost thirty two grand a month, and she's super nervous and her friend, Kristy, the house shore comes over and so is explaining all the shit that she didn't do that she was supposed to do before. This house was sham. She's like, well, I did one floor, but then not my daughter's floor, and you have to tell them to in the backyard, the winter left. So the snow melted and there's all this hoop that was back there, but I didn't see because there was snow and tried to clean it up, but now when big schmear. So thank you. Now you've ruined buses and bagels for me. What the Frick is. They're going gonna be one scene in this whole show is mount about please have. I mentioned teaming. So Christie is like, you know what? Sonia I'm going to take care of you. Just go ahead. Go about your day. I'm gonna make sure this works and semi says, I feel a connection with her such connection with Christie will. Yeah, you know who I feel a connection to anybody who will clean up my pay. I'm with you girl. People think I'm looking for some special prince charming to come along. Sweep me off my feet. I'm not literally waiting for someone to clean up dog poop. That's it. I'll do whatever you want for the rest of your life. During dozen elevator lowered help that elevator. When you elevate..

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