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Were working a job and they said okay I want to figure out a second streaming coming at second streaming can lead them to get to a point where it's larger than their job and that allows them to trade for a living and the neat thing is is you know what you have I mean people to start with you know five ten fifteen thousand dollars is not this huge pile of money that they're start with but you know what the goals have to be relative to that dollar amount so obviously got to set the goals right but a lot of individuals out there they want to they want that lifestyle let's take a moment actually call when it is they want the lifestyle they want the freedom they don't want to go they don't wanna drive around in traffic they don't be inst stuck in you know sit in rush hour every single day they want the lifestyle the freedom and that's what trading drinking can do well time for you and so what if through the course of a few years you were able to build the skill of trading and eventually replace your job income that's how we work with people I treat academy senior coach we tell people don't quit your job you're not gonna be good gonna treat for your mortgage on Monday there's no way we won't allow it not on our watch let's get some consistency let's start with a small position size let's start to learn how things move how stocks move how currencies move how futures move you know think about how options affect pricing and how we can profit or put gets lost using options there's a lot of different asset classes as a lot of different styles of trading intraday swing in position which is more longer time frames and then there's obviously managing your nest egg there's so many ways and see people think it's so comprehensive we talk about this some bulls and bears Wall Street wants you to think that you're not smart enough for sophisticated enough to have success in the markets and we believe that's a lie we believe that if you learn a skill think what you do for a living your career you had to learn a skill and with the time and repetition is no different the financial market is not a magic secret button that we have that we teach you how to push you gonna basically make some decisions based on specific piece of information but you have a plan around the decision you know what a good decision what about this is people always talk about you know the problem with the market is it's like a scene it was not like a casino unless you when you understand it it's not I mean think about if you have been the Bellagio it's not gambling the blinds you because they understand probability the understand risk they understand the elements that allow them to manage risk and have consistent profitability we do the same thing on the market it's a skill set is learn what's great Adam and you know this is it doesn't matter what their background is they can have a PhD from some highfalutin university well they could be a high school drop out and I've seen both had success in the markets by simply learn the skill and going to work and it's amazing to watch and what it does it can get that freedom the people before you spoke of well that's the key thing a lot of people want that freedom they want the opportunity to have a little bit a lifestyle I meet a lot of people they spend more time at their job than they do with their family and a lot of times people say I'd rather spend more time with my family that my job and you know what generating additional streaming come and learn how to trade for income is not difficult it's just different.

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