President Trump, Andrew Cuomo, NPR discussed on Weekend Edition Sunday


About to be deported. Temporary extension. Walden wouldn't say definitively. Whether he planned to vote for the president's proposal or break rank again for NPR news. I'm Emily Cureton. In bend, Oregon. President Trump will not be among the more than three thousand political and business leaders attending the world economic forums annual event in the Swiss village of Donald Trump and his cabinet staying home because of the shutdown. Lisa line is in Geneva. Foreign participants worry browsing protectionism is undercutting free trade and world economic growth. They're concerned about the impact of the so-called fourth industrial revolution that refers to rapid technological breakthroughs in fields such as artificial intelligence in robotics, many fear. These advances could threaten jobs and give rise to more populist movements. Saudi led coalition has launched airstrikes in Yemen's capital. The first since a ceasefire plan agreed last month with Iranian backed rebels. NPR's Jane raff reports. The coalition says it was targeting a military base in drones at Santa's international airport. The rebel-held. Government says the strikes hit a food factory near the airport and the plastics factory. That's despite talks in December in which the two sides agreed to a plan for a ceasefire. And the withdrawal of forces from the Red Sea port of Hodeida who's he rebels earlier this month dropped bombs carried by drones on a military parade near the government held city of Aden, killing at least seven people, including a military intelligence chief Yemen civil war started five years ago when rebels captured the capital the fighting has killed tens of thousands of civilians. The UN says more than twenty million more people are at risk of starvation. Jana raff NPR news Baghdad from Washington. You're listening to NPR news. And this is WNYC in New York. I'm David first watchdog groups have been giving mixed reviews to New York governor, Andrew Cuomo is budget plan. Some of them say their concern. Learned about extending the so-called millionaires tax. Karen DeWitt reports the governor in his budget proposed extending the temporary income tax surcharge on millionaires for another five years. EJ McMahon with the conservative leaning fiscal watchdog group, the empire center says the state's wealthiest are already under pressure and more taxes could cause them to leave the state altogether. We are very heavily dependent on higher earners, millionaire earners in New York state. They pay almost forty percent of the income tax McMahon credits Cuomo for pushing to make the state's property tax cap permanent. And he says the governor is holding the line on spending growth once again. Women's groups protesting, President Trump gathered at separate Manhattan rallies yesterday after attempts to present a unified front failed the women's March alliance hosted a rally and procession starting on the Upper West side. Another rally was held in Manhattan's Foley square by women's March Inc. Whose organizers had been accused of antisemitism by other activists? But my Edry with Jewish voice for peace and a coalition of other Jewish groups says, she attended the Foley square rally because of its message of racial inclusion..

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