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We've got Andy Ruiz versus the old war horse Lewis Ortiz, Ruiz a pretty big favorite here at minus minus three 50 plus two 35 on Ortiz personally. I like Ortiz at these odds. I think Rui should win, but Ortiz is a tough guy and I wouldn't be surprised if he gets the win over Ruiz. We'll see what kind of shape Ruiz comes in at. I think Ortiz is like 65 years old now. I'm just kidding, but he's one of those Cuban guys that come over and you don't really know what is. You don't actually know what his real age is, but we'll see. Also, of course, Canelo triple G three mega fight. This is when the golden goose Canelo is in action. The fans turn out myself included. This is going to be a great fight. Intriguing. Canelo -6 25 triple G plus three 50. A lot of wood to lay on the favorite. Over under ten and a half rounds over minus two 50 under plus one 70 personally, I think someone gets stopped in this fight. I don't know why. I mean, obviously they've gone the distance twice, but there's a lot of bad blood here and I think someone gets stopped, but we'll see. My bookie dot AG use promo code Alice for 50% credit on your first deposit. Please bet responsibly and good luck. You know, since you mentioned the late trade Emmanuel as I mentioned them earlier, and you mentioned a croc. I just got it for one quick thing that I have to ask for the people out there that really know boxing. Was the cronk the legend of the croc was it really kept as hot as everybody says? 100 percent. Yes. Oh my goodness. Well, it was summer, winter, spring or fall. That gym stayed as hot as possible. And what was the reason? I know as a train I could guess. But for the people out there, they're going to say to lose weight, but it's all comets to be in a difficult environment, which we are when we're in the ring. And I would think that's part of it. But that's a lot. That's a lot of it because a lot of people, it's almost to the point where you want to you want to make your uncomfortable and

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