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It could be a shiffling last sue and I could be shiffling cowboy. I think we could use it to shine our shoes. So they shine like Assata then free to lines shook her head and she put down heck lip. Sync v should use it to play Z. skipping rope vk otake tens to spin onto jump on nobody needs to lose often. Just have fun. Yet region I, I think the other juice will really enjoy that and indeed the skipping break really was ahead. Young Pumpkin did funny trick somersaulting the. Alberton hedge were bit cool. Shit but they did little hops together and Miss Katie showed freezing line how to jump on one foot. Everyone had a lovely day. And nobody even mentioned about winning anymore. And soon, it was time to put on that Jeff. Link Pajamas, and snuggle off to bed. Tonight Young Pumpkin. Good Goodnight Get Talbot? In the morning lake get night free to line. Is a good night. Good night. Miss Katie night nine good night head. Hedge. I think the head is asleep already. And Goodbye to you wherever you are hopefully next time you see a thing that you might throw away you'll stop and see if you can use it to gain just like call friends A maybe thing you use a game, we'll have a story to tell not. Goodbye. Both to ship was written mostly by me Charlie conquest and a tiny little bit by me Ben Mullins over this performed by Charlie and Ben and audio production was by Ben Thank you for listening to bottle ship. We hope you enjoyed it goodbye..

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