Joseph Smith, DOJ, Papadopoulos discussed on Michael Medved


Be traced for months disappeared off the face of the earth Joseph Smith suits lawyer this have said that their client is preferred prepared to testify in front to all of the DOJ Attorney General baas DOJ and to state that his connection to Papadopoulos his initiation of communication saying I have things I can connect you to in Moscow was at the behest was requested by a western intelligence agency he was asked to do so to set a trap and that's where it all begins that makes Watergate look like an inconsequential let's wait wait and see what happens with the come through with the heights in Italy Malta aware of a but that's huge you can trust John because he's been on the money for two years and secondly his sources the the declassification of key FISA documents may be imminent the president told me he wants to declassify them because what they did was wrong well it might just happen I'm suggesting look at this is America first broadcast on the Salem radio network back to calls in.

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