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Bloomberg radio special report cave rescue four of the twelve boys trapped in a cave in northern thailand since june twenty third were rescued today they are all being treated at a hospital at this hour correspondent david mckenzie says the decision to begin the rescue was made because of dropping oxygen levels and the threat of monsoon rains wayne is a major concern in the coming days leadership here says it could be sleep four days of solid ran that could flood the chamber there in the boys into just a small space of safety so then might be a window that is closing here in this desperate rescue attempt thai official says the healthiest boys were taken out first official says the operation is going better than expected but it could be days before all of the boys and their twenty five year old coach are taken out of the six mile long system the rescue operation has now been suspended i'm christopher crews at least sixty four people are dead after extremely heavy rains in japan over the past few days forty four people are missing flooded rivers have forced four million people to flee tropical storm chris has formed early this morning it's now swirling off the coast of north carolina forecasters say it will become a hurricane tomorrow americans in parts of haiti are being told to stay indoors as violent demonstrations over a sharp increase in fuel prices continue on the island nation about one hundred americans are among those trapped in the best western hotel in the capital portauprince stacey born is a hotel guest situation right now permettre and evacuated meeting a forest fire that shut down a stretch of state highway in california's san bernardino mountains is growing the valley fire has already burned a thousand acres.

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