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I created the foundation with my late wife in one thousand nine hundred eight and And we support children and education. That is our focus. Its foundation dot com and children represented twelve percents delicious but one hundred percent of our future. Absolutely i want to thank you for showing up in joining dr ivan. Meisner i in this conversation because you are the most important part of the conversation. I'd love to hear from you any comment you have about. Today's show send me a text. This is my personal cell. Give it out. Nobody's ever abused it. Just send me a taxed. Gimme your url. Tell me something that gonna take from today show and implement into your business or life myself three zero three six four one zero four zero one and dr meisner. Thank you so much for being featured guest today. Truly my pleasure. Thanks for having me on listening. A conscious million immediate podcasts radio network. The host producer known of the show distributors and broadcast media make claims that the tragedies and information discussing show results in province and may result.

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